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Daily News Analysis

MH370 landed safely somewhere! But where?

Crescent International

Rajab 16, 14372016-04-23

The mystery of the missing Malaysia Airline plane has finally been solved. It did not crash into the sea; it has landed safely as our spooks report from Kabul. This picture of Flight MH370 was taken as it approached Tora Bora on March 8, 2014 before touchdown! Read on.

Daily News Analysis

The mystery of Malaysia Flight MH370 and Obama’s Asia Pivot

Tony Seed

Jumada' al-Akhirah 11, 14352014-04-11

In the absence of clear information, there is bound to be speculation about Malaysia Airline Flight MH-370. The biggest unanswered question is: how can a huge plane simply disappear with all the modern technology and satellite images that can identify a car number plate from several miles up in the air? A great number of countries are withholding crucial information. There is much more to the mystery than meets the eye.

Editor's Desk

The mystery of Malaysia’s Flight MH370


Jumada' al-Akhirah 01, 14352014-04-01

There is something really curious about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. How can a huge plane like Boeing 777-200 simply disappear into thin air without a trace?

Daily News Analysis

Flight MH370 riddle: How can a passenger plane go missing in the age of universal surveillance?

Nadezhda Kevorkova

Jumada' al-Ula' 23, 14352014-03-24

A Russian writer offers some interesting analysis on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Daily News Analysis

Still no clue about missing Malaysian airliner

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Ula' 13, 14352014-03-14

In the age of super technology, lack of information about Malaysian Flight MH370 has become a really mystery. How could a jumbo jet with 239 passengers on board simply disappear without a trace and even after nearly a week, nobody has the faintest clue where it went.

Daily News Analysis

Mystery of Malaysia’s missing Flight MH370

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Ula' 11, 14352014-03-12

How could a Boeing 777 simply disappear from radar screen and vanish into thin air? Why was the transponder on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on Friday March 07 turned off? Relatives of passengers have reported being able to make cell phone calls that connect and ring but obviously there is no answer. How could cell phones ring unless their batteries are charged and are near some signal tower?

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