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Mystery of Malaysia’s missing Flight MH370

Crescent International

How could a Boeing 777 simply disappear from radar screen and vanish into thin air? Why was the transponder on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on Friday March 07 turned off? Relatives of passengers have reported being able to make cell phone calls that connect and ring but obviously there is no answer. How could cell phones ring unless their batteries are charged and are near some signal tower?

Toronto, Crescent-online
Wednesday March 12, 2014, 10:11 DST

Five days after Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing mysteriously disappeared, searchers have still not found any trace of the plane anywhere in waters near Vietnam.

Search operations have since been widened to the Malacca Straits as well as the jungles of Vietnam but with little success so far. The mystery only deepens.

Malaysian authorities report that ground control lost contact with Flight 370 about two hours after takeoff early Friday morning (March 7). That would have placed the plane in the location near Vietnam.

Initially, Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authorities said the plane was heading north when they lost contact. That would be the plane’s normal flight path to Beijing. Two days ago, the Malaysian military reported that their radar showed the plane flew hundreds of miles off-course, heading west instead of north, before disappearing.

Another mystery is that the plane’s transponder was turned off. Add to that the fact that the crew sent no distress signal if something was wrong with the plane adds to the deepening mystery. Why was the transponder turned off?

Dr Kevin Barrett, academic, author and journalist, who has relentlessly exposed official lies about 911 and runs the Truth Jihad Radio as well as website www.truthjihad.com has made some interesting observations in an article that appeared on Press TV website today.

He writes: “Transponder signals mysteriously disappear. Jetliners veer off course, then vanish without a trace. Seemingly impossible cell phone calls add to the mystery.

“It happened on 9/11. Now it has happened again in Malaysia.

Family members of the passengers on Malaysian Airlines MH370 report getting ring tones when they call their missing loved ones. Social networking sites show the missing passengers ‘on-line’.”

He quotes the London Daily Mail newspaper as saying: “a Malaysia Airlines official, Hugh Dunleavy has confirmed to families that his company had tried to call the cellphones of crew members and they too had also rang out. According to China.org.cn, 19 families of those missing have signed a joint statement confirming that their calls connected to their loved ones but that they rang out.”

If the plane had crashed into the sea, there would be no cell phone ring tones. Similarly, if the plane had crashed into the jungles of Vietnam, as is currently being speculated, unless there was a signal tower nearby—a virtual impossibility in deep jungle—cell phones could not ring.

Dr Barrett, again quotes the Daily Mail: “Telecoms expert Alan Spencer told MailOnline that if the phones are really ringing, they can categorically not be under the sea. He added that the phones will only be ringing if they are ‘switched on, not in water, the battery is charged, and [they are] near a mobile cell site.’ This means that if the phones are genuinely ringing, the plane needs to have landed on land – not in the sea – and be in a location where there is cell service, rather than landing in the middle of a jungle, for example.”

So what is the truth? While we will not know unless the plane’s fuselage or other parts are retrieved, if at all, Dr Barrett suggests, “Perhaps this was not an ordinary plane crash.”

He goes on to write: “Some analysts believe the plane was stolen. According to them, it was an ‘inside job’ hijacking, probably by remote control.”

Dr Barrett makes interesting comparisons with what allegedly happened on the 911 planes when mysterious cell phone calls were made to loved ones from high up in the air. Cell phone technology was not developed enough to allow such phone calls to be made at the time (today it is possible).

The mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 deepens while relatives of the passengers anxiously await news about what happened to the plane and where.


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