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Special Reports

Tracing the historical roots of the friction between the US and its European allies

Perwez Shafi

Jumada' al-Ula' 01, 14242003-07-01

DR PERWEZ SHAFI, director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought in Pakistan, examines the reasons for the spectacular difference of opinions between the US and major European powers over the US’s plans for war war against Iraq...


Algerian Muslims targeted in Europe

Crescent International

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 14232003-02-01

The large number of North American Muslims, mostly Algerians, who have been arrested in recent weeks throughout Europe and America for their alleged connection with al-Qa’ida has focused unprecedented attention on the Algerian ‘civil war’. But the wrong conclusions have been drawn...


Muslims’ growing awareness of the reality of Europe

Zafar Bangash

Dhu al-Hijjah 29, 14191999-04-16

Some Muslims have a tendency to look at events through rose-tinted spectacles. The Nato bombing campaign against Yugoslavia falls under this category. Legitimate concern for the plight of Muslim Kosovars has led to profuse thanking of the US and European governments for acting to ‘save’ the Kosovars.

Special Reports

NATO's new enemy list made in Washington

Waseem Shehzad

Ramadan 13, 14191999-01-01

It was Lawrence Eagleburger, the former US secretary of State, who had predicted that once the ‘cold war’ was over, it would be sorely missed. Astonishing as this admission from a senior official of one of the leading members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)...

Special Reports

Blasphemy in Europe becomes a money-spinner

our European affairs correspondent

Rajab 26, 14191998-11-16

Blasphemy in Europe is fast catching up with pornography as a fame-and-money-spinner, boosting the sale and popularity of worthless books, films and paintings, whose only eye-catching quality is their capacity to offend or shock.

Book Review

Coherent framework for understanding Kosova beyond Serbian myths

Iqbal Siddiqui

Muharram 19, 14191998-05-16

The first point any informed reader will note about this book is that Malcolm uses the Serbian form ‘Kosovo’ throughout in preference to the Albanian form ‘Kosova’, used by Kosovars themselves. As in the Bosnian case, the use of terminology in discussing Kosova is politically sensitive.


Germany leads new tide of racism and xenophobia sweeping Europe

Mahmoud Ahmed Shaikh

Muharram 19, 14191998-05-16

Throughout Europe, political parties campaigning on anti-foreigner platforms are chalking up remarkable gains, with Germany leading the way as poll figures and recently published figures on racist attacks show.


Turkey’s real crisis not with EU or rival Greece but its own Islamic roots

Mahmoud Ahmed Shaikh

Ramadan 02, 14181998-01-01

Reacting to a calculated snub by the European Union (EU), prime minister Mesut Yilmaz has threatened to withdraw Turkey’s application for full membership if it is not formally accepted as a candidate before June...

Special Reports

The world and beyond is a garbage dump for Uncle Sam’s poison

J A Progler

Jumada' al-Akhirah 14, 14181997-10-16

The trilateral ruling elite of America, Europe and Japan is in a quandary. Their industrial-based civilization has created tons of extremely toxic wastes. Many are by-products of cold war military industries. America and Russia currently lead the pack in nuclear waste.

Special Reports

Reckless military set Turkey on road to needless turbulence

Our Own Correspondent

Dhu al-Qa'dah 23, 14171997-04-01

With Greece, Armenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, China and others engaged, to varying degrees, in attacking Turkish interests or blocking Turkish influence in Europe and Central Asia, Turkey is not short of enemies.

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