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Daily News Analysis

New movie: Canadians told to look under Israeli forests

Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan

Sha'ban 24, 14372016-05-31

A new movie by two South African Jews sheds light on the uprooting of Palestinian villages and trees that are funded by Canadian taxpayers' money. The movie is being screened in Canada by Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), a group of Jewish people opposed to zionist ideology.

Daily News Analysis

Peterborough, ON Mosque arson attack roundly condemned

Crescent International

Safar 04, 14372015-11-16

The arson attack at the sole mosque in Peterborough, ON, has been roundly condemned by a wide spectrum of the political leadership in Canada, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...

Daily News Analysis

Rallies against War On Syria

Crescent International

Shawwal 22, 14342013-08-30

Millions of people across the US and Canada plan to march against the US war on Syria. An attack on Syria appears imminent despite massive opposition to such aggression among Americans and Canadians. The warmongers are looking for excuses, however, flimsy, to perpetrate more aggression against another Muslim country.

News & Analysis

The ongoing saga of Omar Khadr’s incarceration

Tahir Mahmoud

Sha'ban 11, 14332012-07-01

Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, now nearly 26 years old, was supposed to have returned to Canada from Guantanamo Bay at the end of October under a deal brokered between the US and Canadian governments.

News & Analysis

Canadians demand answers to G20 police brutality

Tahir Mustafa

Rajab 18, 14312010-07-01

Those arrested included students, journalists, lawyers and even bystanders. Ugly scenes of police attacking and knocking people to the ground and putting handcuffs on them were seen on television.

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