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Keyword: Balochistan

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News & Analysis

Baloch Daughters Come To Islamabad Seeking News About “Missing Persons”

Waseem Shehzad

Jumada' al-Akhirah 19, 14452024-01-01

Thousands of Baloch youth have been murdered in cold blood. They are accused of being terrorists. Hundreds of others have simply disappeared. Last month young girls and women from Balochistan converged on Islamabad to seek answers about the fate of their loved ones.

News & Analysis

What drives Modi’s anti-Pakistan policy?

Shahid Alam

Rabi' al-Awwal 01, 14382016-12-01

Narendra Modi’s anti-Pakistan policy is driven both by internal compunctions and external factors. The bottom line is to appeal to Hindu fascists from whose ranks Modi has emerged.

Special Reports

Rise of China: what it means for the Ummah

Manzur Alam Tipu

Rabi' al-Awwal 01, 14382016-12-01

In about 10 years, China’s GDP will surpass that of the US. What does China’s economic and military power mean for the Muslim world?

Special Reports

Triangle of resources: Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Zia Sarhadi

Safar 01, 14382016-11-01

Three countries in South Asia—Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan—have between them enormous mineral and energy resources. This makes them the special target of predatory powers.

News & Analysis

Why publicity hog Modi missed the UN session

Shahid Alam

Dhu al-Hijjah 29, 14372016-10-01

Narendra Modi loves publicity but aware that he may face tough questions about Kashmir that he would not be able answer, he decided to stay at home.

Letters To The Editor

Indian terrorism in Baluchistan

Haider Ali Khan

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 14372016-09-01

Haider Ali Khan comments on the recent attack on Quetta Civil Hospital which carries the fingerprints of Indian Intelligence Agency RAW.

News & Analysis

Pakistan needs coherent policy to fight terrorism

Zia Sarhadi

Sha'ban 14, 14362015-06-01

If Pakistan is serious about confronting and eliminating terrorism, then it must adopt a coherent policy starting with the Sharif brothers withdrawing their support of terrorist outfits.


Killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti threatens to further destabilise Pakistan

Zia Sarhadi

Sha'ban 08, 14272006-09-01

The killing on August 26 of Nawab Akbar Bugti (pic, right) by the Pakistan army has sunk the already troublesome Balochistan province into chaos, with violence among Balochis in neighbouring Sind province as well as in the commercial city of Karachi.

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