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Daily News Analysis

Blackwater mercenaries flee Taiz front in west Yemen as Ansarallah fighters make gains

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Ula' 10, 14372016-02-19

The Saudis and their Arabian allies were never a match for the lightly armed Ansarallah fighters in Yemen. They had to rely on Blackwater mercenaries to do the fighting for them but the Ansarallah fighters have put these mercenaries also to flight as the latest news from Yemen indicates. The Saudi war on Yemen is a total failure and will end up in even more humiliation for the Bani Saud.

News & Analysis

Blowback from Najdi Bedouins’ attack on Yemen

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Ramadan 14, 14362015-07-01

The Najdi Bedouins’ attack on Yemen has resulted in not only Saudi casualties but also given rise to freedom movements inside the kingdom. The Bedouins may have bitten more than they can chew.

Daily News Analysis

Dim prospects for Geneva peace talks on Yemen

Crescent International

Sha'ban 28, 14362015-06-15

While unable to directly block UN-brokered peace talks on Yemen in Geneva that started today, the Najdi Bedouins, displaying childish behavior, forced the Egyptian regime to refuse permission for the plane carrying Yemeni representatives from flying over its territory. In the absence of Ansarullah and representatives of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the talks are bound to fail.

Main Stories

Sinking feeling in Riyadh over Yemen failure

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Sha'ban 14, 14362015-06-01

Killing a lot of civilians and destroying much of Yemen’s infrastructure does not amount to a “Saudi” victory. What would the Najdi Bedouins do now?

Daily News Analysis

Saudi defence minister on honeymoon as his soldiers flee battle with advancing Ansarullah fighters

Crescent International

Sha'ban 03, 14362015-05-21

"Saudi" royals are nothing if not vulgar. Take the case of Mohammad bin Salman, Defence Minister and Deputy Crown Prince of "Saudi" Arabia. He is on a honeymoon--not with his first wife, incidentally--while his air force kills thousands of innocent Yemenis and "Saudi" soldiers die in border skirmishes. Many "Saudi" soldiers prefer to flee rather than fight. Why die for a dying dynasty?

Daily News Analysis

Najdi Bedouins resume savage bombing of Yemen

Crescent International

Rajab 29, 14362015-05-18

The Najdi Bedouins have a strange sense of peace. Even while they resumed the savage bombing of Yemen after declaring a halt to attacks five days earlier, they organized a so-called peace conference in Riyadh. The Houthis, the principal aggrieved party boycotted the farcical conference because the "Saudis", far from being honest peace brokers, are the main aggressors against the people of Yemen.

Daily News Analysis

Panic grips Bani Saud as victory eludes them in Yemen

Crescent International

Rajab 20, 14362015-05-09

The Bani Saud thought they could scare the Ansarullah fighters in Yemen with threats and dropping bombs and after a few days, or at most a couple of weeks, they would beg for mercy and surrender. This has not happened. Instead, the Bani Saud are now stuck in the Yemeni quagmire. They have dropped all their original demands and simply asking that the Ansarullah respect the ceasefire the "Saudis" have proposed starting May 12.


The soft power of events in Yemen

Tahir Mahmoud

Rajab 12, 14362015-05-01

The AnsarAllah movement in Yemen offers important lessons for Islamic movements elsewhere to combine political and military struggles to be successful.

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