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Zionists smirk as Arabian rulers kill Muslims

Crescent International

There is chaos in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. The Arabian rulers have unleashed the takfiri terrorists to indulge in macabre rituals of slitting throats, raping women and burning people alive when they are not eating their organs. The Zionists and imperialists are fully behind this mayhem. While the Arabians kill Muslims, the Zionists smugly watch all this.

Thursday June 11, 2015, 22:18 DST

The Zionists have never had it so good. They have got the Arabian puppet rulers to attack and kill Muslims while the Zionists sit smug. Their smugness was evident in the Herzliya conference that is usually held to whine about their “suffering” and how the world is unable to understand their plight. This year’s conference that concluded today (June 11) was about how good life is in the Zionist utopia amid chaos all around.

What was left unsaid—and will never be said—is the role played by the Zionists in fomenting all the mayhem. Their dirty hands can be seen in the mayhem in Syria, Iraq, the Najdi Bedouins’ attack on Yemen and of course the clubbing to death and starvation of the hapless people of Gaza. On the day the Zionists held their love fest in Herzliya, the Israeli army also exonerated itself of any responsibility for the murder of four children on Gaza’s beach during last summer’s assault on the besieged enclave. The Zionists murdered more than 2,200 Palestinians in that shooting spree. This despite the fact that scores of Israeli soldiers have publicly admitted that their army has been involved in killing innocent civilians in Gaza.

Last week, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was forced under pressure to drop Israel’s name from a list of countries that kill children. While the UN may have buckled under pressure, the reality cannot be denied. Of the 2,200 civilians murdered by the Israeli army in Gaza last summer, more than a third were children. The Zionists also deliberately targeted UN-run schools and compounds despite being given their coordinates by UN representatives and told there were only women and children sheltering there.

The British Guardian’s own reporters have confirmed that the Israeli navy deliberately targeted the boys ranging in age from 13 to 15 who were playing on the beach. The Israeli navy fired missiles at them blowing them to pieces. The army claimed there was a Hamas command structure, a claim hotly denied by journalists, including Guardian’s correspondent at the scene.

Meanwhile, the Zionist can sleep easy because their Arabian puppets especially their kissing cousins, the Najid Bedouins of Arabia are financing, arming and supporting the takfiris in Syria, Iraq, Syria and any other place where Muslims are struggling to defend themselves.

Libya has already been destroyed with its people lives’ turned upside down. The takfiri terrorists are rampaging all over. In Yemen, the Najdi Bedouins are using US-supplied planes and bombs to kill innocent civilians. The Najdi terrorists have never fired a single bullet against the Zionists or given one to the Palestinians to defend themselves against the marauding Zionists. The Egyptian Pharaoh is killing innocent Muslims and blowing up the tunnels into Gaza at the behest of the Zionists.

While Muslim blood is flowing freely, the Zionists are happy. Their Arabian puppets are doing the dirty work for them.


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