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Tiny UAE threatens nuclear-armed Pakistan over Yemen stance

Crescent International

The Arabian potentates are furious with Pakistan for taking a sensible stand over the Saudi-led assault on Yemen. Pakistan's parliament voted overwhelmingly not to get militarily involved in the fighting and instead work towards a resolution of the crisis. The Arabian dictators think that is not good enough; Pakistan should jump the moment they say so. For once, this is not the case.

Abu Dhabi,
Saturday April 11, 2015, 14:23 DST

Pakistani parliament’s principled stand to remain neutral in the Saudi-led assault on dirt-poor Yemen has aroused the ire of tiny United Arab Emirates (UAE). The pip-squeak statelet—essentially a tent and a camel—led by Bedouins are threatening nuclear-armed Pakistan with dire consequences.

In remarks published in the Emirati paper Khaleej times today, UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Mohammed Gargash warned Pakistan it will pay a “heavy price” for taking on what he called an “ambiguous stand.” He added that Pakistan should take a clear position “in favour of its strategic relations with the six-nation Arab Gulf cooperation Council”. “The vague and contradictory stands of Pakistan and Turkey are an absolute proof that Arab security — from Libya to Yemen — is the responsibility of none but Arab countries,” Gargash said.

Arabian potentates and their minions take a lot of liberties with truth. What security in Yemen is the putative Emirati official talking about? The dirt-poor Arab country has been attacked by the desert Bedouins causing massive civilian casualties. The Yemenis have not threatened any of them. The situation in Yemen is the responsibility of the Yemeni people, not of these clowns in robes. Yemen has existed for thousands of years; these tent-city states are the creation of British colonialism and emerged on the map in 1971.

As for Libya, what great feat have these Bedouins performed? The oil-rich country lies in shambles after the Arabian potentates joined in a shooting spree led by the US and its western allies. Can any of these Arabians set foot in Libya today after its “liberation”? They are busy destroying Yemen as well but it may not be as easy as Libya. They have been cushioned from the Libyan turmoil because it is far away from their borders.

Yemenis, like the Afghans are born fighters. It is highly unlikely that the Bedouin aggressors will get away with their crimes in Yemen. By launching this war, the Arabian dictators have put their hands in a hornet’s nest and they now want Pakistan and others to wage their war.

“The Arabian (sic) Gulf is in a dangerous confrontation, its strategic security is on the edge, and the moment of truth distinguishes between the real ally and the ally of media and statements,” Gargash tweeted soon after the Pakistani parliament passed a resolution on April 10 insisting on neutrality in the Yemen conflict. If the Persian Gulf potentates feel there is a dangerous confrontation, this is the result of their own folly. Far from helping to resolve the crisis in Yemen through facilitating a dialogue between the various parties, they have launched a war of aggression.

Once the dust settles, there is a possibility that the aggressors might be hauled before the International Criminal Court (IC) on war crimes charges. The Emirati official went on to symbolise Pakistan’s resolution as equivalent of siding up with Iran instead of the Persian Gulf statelets. “Tehran seems to be more important to Islamabad and Ankara than the Gulf countries,” Gargash said. “Though our economic and investment assets are inevitable, political support is missing at critical moments,” he added.

When did Pakistan taken on the responsibility to protect these dinosaurs of the desert? The scandalous manner in which the oil rich countries mistreat expatriate workers—Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans and Filipinos-is a disgrace. The rags to riches Bedouins’ behavior towards foreign workers in completely un-Islamic yet they expect Pakistan to protect them.

Maybe, Pakistan should send a brigade of its elite commandos and take over the palaces of these alcohol-guzzling, prostitute-consorting Bedouins. They would then be justified in seeking Pakistan’s protection. Until then, the desert Bedouins can take two steps: stop the war on Yemen immediately and stop mistreating expatriate workers in their countries so badly.


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