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Zionist Israel’s war on children in Gaza

Crescent International

Palestinian mothers grieve over their children killed by the zionist war criminals late last year

The war machine of the zionist terrorist state confirmed on June 5 (it was already June 6 in Gaza) that it bombed a UN school shelter, killing at least 29 people, most of them children.

The attack, carried out by US-supplied warplanes targeted the Nuseirat refugee camp run by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA.

Not surprisingly, the terrorist regime alleged the school was being used by Hamas, without providing any proof.

The regime’s killing machine used the expression “terrorists”.

Zionist Israel has repeatedly peddled such lies to justify its war crimes.

Thousands of Palestinian refugees—men, women and children—were sheltering in the camp when Israeli warplanes unleashed their murderous wares.

Nearly two million Palestinians have been shunted from one refugee camp to the next, only to be bombed and killed by the zionists.

At least 36,586 civilians have been killed and 83,074 wounded in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7.

Among the dead—murdered in cold blood by the zionists—are more than 15,000 children, perhaps many more.

The actual death toll may be much higher since thousands of children are buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings that the zionists have destroyed.

The UN estimates that more than 88% of all buildings in Gaza have been destroyed as part of a deliberate policy to make the tiny strip uninhabitable.

Every school, college and university as well as almost all hospitals in the tiny enclave have been destroyed.

It is widely recognized that Israel is perpetrating a genocide in Gaza.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled that Israel must immediately stop its genocidal policy in Gaza.

The war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu and his war minister Yoav Gallant adamantly refuse to countenance any such idea.

Consumed by intense hatred borne of extreme racism, they are pursuing a policy of the total annihilation of the Palestinian population.

The zionists are pursuing a three-pronged strategy: mass murder, ethnic cleansing and starvation.

While they have been quite successful in the first and the last, they have failed to achieve the second objective.

Their murder rate is very high.

They have dropped more than 700 tons of bombs on tiny Gaza.

This is more than the bombs dropped during the entire duration of the Second World War.

The zionists are blocking all food deliveries as well as water and medicine to Gaza.

This has caused massive famine, especially in the north.

Lack of fuel supplies mean water purification plants cannot function to purify water.

Palestinians are forced to drink contaminated water resulting in water-borne diseases.

This is deliberate.

Despite such extreme hardships, the Palestinians refuse to leave their land.

They refuse to be ethnically-cleansed again and again.

While the US-led sham indirect negotiations for a ceasefire are underway, they are not getting anywhere because Israeli war criminals are not serious.

The Islamic resistance movement, Hamas has called for a permanent end to the war on Gaza and full Israeli troop withdrawal.

Only then will Hamas to agree the latest ceasefire proposal floated by US President Joe Biden on Friday May 31.

He claimed it was an “Israeli proposal” but Netanyahu immediately shot down any such suggestion.

The war criminals in Tel Aviv say they will continue the war even during negotiations.

They demand the release of Israeli prisoners held by Hamas.

The latter will not agree to such a deal because the zionists will resume their murderous attacks once all Israeli prisoners are released.

An entire generation of Palestinian children has been wiped out.

The zionists must be held accountable for the horrific crimes they are perpetrating against innocent civilians in Gaza.

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