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Gaza’s human and material losses in numbers

Crescent International

Zionist Israel brings western civilization to Gaza!

Since Israel launched its genocidal war on Gaza last October, at least 34,596 people have been killed so far.

These include 14,500 children. Another 8,000 are missing and presumed dead.

Even these horrendous figures do not reflect the actual loss of life.

These figures are compiled by Gaza’s Ministry of Health based on casualties reported to hospitals.

Deaths not registered at hospitals are not included in these figures.

Given that 33 out of Gaza’s 36 hospitals have been destroyed, and one can begin to get a sense of the scale of death, destruction and injuries.

Material losses are also astronomical.

In a report released on May 1, the UN Development Program (UNDP) estimates that Gaza has suffered $40 billion in infrastructure damage.

Even if a ceasefire were to go into effect today and material supplies were allowed into Gaza without hindrance, the UNDP estimates it will take 80 years to rebuild Gaza to its pre-October 7 levels.

Here is what Israel has done—and deliberately, one must add—in its barbaric onslaught on Gaza.

Using 2,000 lb bombs, Israel has dropped more than 250 tonnes of explosives, the equivalent of two atomic bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War.

Chris Hedges, an award-winning independent journalist, in a broadcast on Alternative Radio on April 6, gave other alarming figures.

In what Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said would be “mighty vengeance” has turned into a genocidal war.

Israel has deliberately targeted civilians, even in areas designated by the zionist regime as “safe zones”.

At least 42% of Palestinians have been killed in these “safe zones”.

Even today, Israeli planes and tanks continue to bomb Palestinian camps where civilians are taking shelter.

Palestinian deaths continue to soar.

Food distribution convoys “allowed” into Gaza by Israel are also attacked.

Given famine-like conditions, Israel deliberately lures Palestinian civilians into these areas to bomb and kill them.

Deliberate attacks on hospitals, schools and universities have resulted in all educational institutions being destroyed.

Gaza’s libraries have similarly been destroyed as have 208 mosques and churches.

Since October 7, 340 doctors and nurses have been killed as have 136 journalists.

Israel does not want its war crimes to be recorded on camera.

Courageous journalists have risked their lives to document Israeli crimes.

The scale of destruction can only be imagined.

Palestinian data shows that around 80,000 homes have been destroyed in Israel’s genocidal bombing campaign.

The assessment, released by the UNDP, said Gaza needs “approximately 80 years to restore all the fully destroyed housing units.”

The UNDP assessment makes a series of projections on the war’s socioeconomic impact based on the duration of the current conflict, projecting decades of ongoing suffering.

Rebuilding war-ravaged Gaza will cost as much as $40 billion, the UN says.

It will require an effort on a scale the world has not seen since World War II.

Who will pay for the rebuilding of Gaza?

In addition to Israeli leaders—political and military including Netanyahu, defence minister Yoav Gallant (who called Palestinians “human animals”), and army chief Herzi Halevi—most western rulers are also complicit in Israeli crimes.

Joe Biden, his secretary of state Antony Blinken, secretary of defence Lloyd Austin, and most members of US Congress who cannot supply enough weapons fast enough and money to “finish the job” in Gaza.

Almost all other western rulers whether in Britain, France and Germany are also complicit.

All of them should not only be held accountable for their crimes but their assets must also be frozen to pay for Gaza’s reconstruction.

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