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Zionist Barbarism Against Gaza Civilians Intensifies

Crescent International

Within the last 48 hours, the Gaza Strip has witnessed another major Israeli military escalation. Zionist warplanes bombed residential neighborhoods in the tiny enclave while artillery shells rained down every few minutes.

Two more civilians were killed in Gaza today in Israeli artillery shelling while seven civilians were wounded, at the time of filing this report.

Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry, said a 26-year-old farmer, Khaled Riyad Ahmed al-Sultan was killed in his field. His body was shredded to pieces. A two-year-old child was also wounded.

Another civilian was wounded when Israeli shells fell on the Salatin area west of the city of Beit Lahia, five kilometers north of Gaza City.

Musab Hus, 20, also died and three others were wounded during an Israeli attack on an area east of al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City.

The latest attacks occurred less than a day after Israeli warplanes conducted a string of airstrikes throughout the Gaza Strip, killing three people.

The Israeli military announced in a statement that the aerial assaults were carried out shortly after the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement fired an intense barrage of rockets against settlements in the southern part of the occupied territories, triggering air sirens.

Palestinian officials and witnesses said the Israeli military bombed the studios of the Arabic-language al-Aqsa satellite television network, which is affiliated to Hamas. There was no immediate word of any casualties in the airstrike.

On the night of November 11, seven Palestinians, including a senior Hamas commander, were killed when Zionist occupation forces staged an incursion into the southern Gaza Strip.

One Israeli soldier was killed and another injured in the illegal raid. This caused such angst among the Zionists that they launched a massive barrage of missiles and artillery strikes against the defenceless people of Gaza.

Life for the nearly two million inhabitants of Gaza is absolute hell. They live under constant fear of Israeli terror attacks and have little or no recourse to protection.

This is the biggest Zionist onslaught since Israel’s July-August 2014 offensive on the tiny Gaza enclave.

The latest escalation started with an Israeli special undercover unit “Mista'arvim” infiltrating the Khan Younis neighborhood in the Southern Gaza Strip on November 11.

The Zionists killed 7 members of the Palestinian resistance groups, including a commander in al-Qassam Brigades from Khan Younis.

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas retaliated for this latest provocative criminal Zionist assault by firing a barrage of rockets deep into Israeli cities adjacent to the Gaza Strip. A number of Israeli targets including an Israeli military bus were hit.

Since the latest Zionist onslaught, almost all residential areas of Gaza have been attacked causing civilian deaths and injuries. Houses, TV studios, hotels and police stations have all been targeted and destroyed.

From Northern Gaza Strip to Southern Gaza Strip and residential neighborhoods—essentially makeshift camps of extremely poor Palestinians have been hit with missiles or artillery shells.

The tiny enclave measuring 25 miles by 15 miles has been described as the biggest open-air prison. It is besieged from all sides and no food, medicines or repair equipment is allowed to enter the Strip.

Even Egypt, a so-called Muslim country, has blocked all access to Palestinians. It is the biggest collaborator of the Zionist regime and complicit in the starvation of the people of Gaza.

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