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Zionism: Extension of colonialism in Africa

Dr Mustafa Bothwell Mheta

The new scramble for Africa by the three major world powers—the United States of America, Russia, and China—has been going on unabated for quite some time now.

However, this new conquest is not happening like in the old days where direct rule occurred.

It has assumed new dimensions and is implemented through selected African proxies who act on behalf of these powers.

It is perhaps important to mention that colonialism, Zionism and imperialism are one and the same thing.

Each is a project with a different name. People at the helm of these ideologies are the same but manifested slightly differently.

Zionist Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu recently embarked on a charm offensive to capture the African continent.

This is being done using two promises: one, to provide security and, two, drip technology.

With these two offerings, Israel has declared that its charm offensive will succeed.

In recent years, Netanyahu who faces corruption and obstruction of justice charges at home, has visited several countries in Africa.

Ethiopia, Chad, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, and other West African countries have all been charmed by his offensive.

While there is no problem for Israel or any other country sharing technology, especially that benefits humanity, it is the weaponization of such technology that is objectionable.

Take, for instance, the so-called “Drip Technology”. It would benefit mankind especially those living in arid lands.

It would improve their farming and increase food production to alleviate hunger.

Israel, however, is using this technology in Africa to buy its way in exchange for political recognition despite its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and its atrocious conduct.

The technology is used to silence criticism of Zionist Israel’s killing and persecution of Palestinians.

So, there is nothing noble about Israel’s use of such technology.

The other tool used by Zionist Israel to buy recognition of African countries is “Security Technology”.

The Zionist entity has made advances in spy technology, for instance.

Many African countries are ruled by ruthless dictators who do not want to relinquish power.

Anything that can assist in preventing their populations from rising up to overthrow them is welcomed.

Israel is using such technology as a carrot to seek recognition of many of these dictators as well the medieval shaikhdoms on western shores of the Persian Gulf.

The other strategy they use is to create wars in the resource-rich regions of the continent.

These wars are started and financed by the same Imperialists/Zionists/Colonialists who are also the owners of the military industrial complex in the US and Europe, for business purposes.

They plunder Africa’s resources through what we can call a ‘legitimate way’ when they are invited by the dictators to assist them in fighting the so-called ISIS or al-Qaeda terrorists.

Nowadays these terrorists are found everywhere even in lands not associated with Islam if there are resources like gold, diamond, cobalt, coltan, platinum and oil and gas.

It is well known that Africa is seen by many Imperialist/Zionist/Colonialist countries as a continent whose resources sustain their economies.

For centuries, Africa’s precious resources have been looted and stolen by these countries.

Even China has got in on the act by tactfully exploiting its resources to aid its own development with very little actually accruing to Africa.

It becomes clear from all these maneuvers of the Imperialist/Zionist/Colonialist colossus that the motivating factor is none other than their insatiable greed for Africa’s resources.

Western countries have been plundering Africa to get rich and to create jobs for their own citizens.

They will not let go of Africa until the people of continent unite and say “no” to them.

The people of Africa need to wake up and unite to banish this monster from their resource-rich continent.

Poverty in Africa will not be alleviated so long as their resources are plundered by outsiders that use local dictators to facilitate this grand theft.

Dr. Mustafa Mheta is Senior Researcher/Head of Africa Desk at the Media Review Network, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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