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‘With Strong Faith in Allah, Resistance Movement Winning’ – The Rahbar

Crescent International

“Islamic awakening is spreading and with strong faith in Allah, the Resistance movement is winning,’ said the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Sunday November 25.

The Rahbar was addressing hundreds of foreign guests, ambassadors of Muslim and other countries in Tehran, senior government officials and ulama at the Rahbary (Office of the Rahbar).

The guests were invited to participate in the celebration of the birthdays of the Prophet (pbuh) and of Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as).

On the second of the three-day conference, foreign guests were taken from their hotels to the Rahbary. There was much anticipation in the air as the guests eagerly awaited the Rahbar’s arrival.

As he appeared from behind the curtains and moved to the centre of stage to take his seat, everyone in the massive hall immediately stood up shouting slogans in support of the Rahbar. He waved to the huge crowd as a kind and affectionate father would to his children.

He began by thanking Almighty Allah for all the favors bestowed upon the Muslim Ummah as well as sending the noor (light) of the Prophet (pbuh) to guide humanity. He congratulated the gathering on the birthdays of the noble Messenger (pbuh) and Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as).

The Rahbar then paid tribute to the late Imam Khomeini who led the Islamic revolution to success as well as to the martyrs whose sacrifices defended the revolution for 40 years.

He said that West Asia was undergoing great changes due to people’s reliance on Allah. This Islamic awakening, said the Rahbar, was causing great anxiety among arrogant powers led by the US.

“Anywhere that Islam has penetrated the hearts and minds of the people, the arrogant powers have been slapped. We strongly believe that these arrogant powers led by the US will be slapped again with increased Islamic awakening in this region,” the Rahbar added.

This was already evident in such places as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine where resistance movements have already defeated Zionist-imperialist intrigue. Even in poor Yemen, the resistance movement, led by the valiant Ansarallah fighters, has frustrated the designs of the aggressors.

The Rahbar also drew attention to the 40-year struggle of the Islamic Republic against the intrigues of the imperialists and Zionists and their allies.

“From the day when our revolution was a small sampling 40 years ago to today that it has become a strong tree, the Islamic Republic has withstood the enemies’ intrigues. Today, the revolutionary people of Iran, especially the youth are making great strides in all fields. This is the direct result of their total reliance on the divine power of Allah.”

Referring to Islamic Iran’s experience and success, the Rahbar urged Islamic thinkers and scholars to “strengthen Islamic awakening and the resistance movement in the region as best they can, because the only way for the salvation of the region is to spread this spirit of resistance and pure Islamic thought.”

The Rahbar also paid rich tribute to the Palestinian Islamic resistance movements that have gradually gained confidence and strength and put the Zionists on the defensive.

This year’s International Islamic Unity Conference has been dedicated to the struggle for the liberation of al Quds and Palestine from the clutches of the Zionists.

Addressing rulers of regional countries, the Rahbar said, “Our advice to you is to return to the rule of Islam and come under the authority of Allah because the rule of America and Satan will not benefit you.”

He cited the case of Saudi Arabia and its allies that have become the target Donald Trump’s insults, saying such remarks are an insult to all Muslims.

“America, based on its arrogant nature, is humiliating these countries and, as everyone has seen, the ill-mannered president of the United States, has likened Saudi rulers to milking cows,” said Imam Khamenei.

The Rahbar also touched on the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen and its plans to forge close ties with Zionist Israel.

“Certain rulers of Muslim countries have allied with America in the twin criminal acts in Palestine and Yemen but victory will insha-Allah belong to the Palestinian and Yemeni people. America and its followers will be defeated,” declared the Rahbar with confidence and deep faith in Allah.

Imam Khamenei said the US and Israel are now much weaker than before. Their “desperation, foolish accusations and cruel and criminal acts” are due to the resistance of the Muslims “that will bear fruit.”

Stressing the significance of uniting around the light of the noble Prophet (pbuh), the Rahbar said Muslims would be able to overcome all challenges in the world.

“At a time when the world was immersed in the darkness of ignorance and deceit, Allah in His infinite mercy bestowed upon entire mankind the light of Prophet Muhammad. If we follow this light today, it will lead us to prosperity and salvation,” said the Rahbar.

“If humanity achieves the maturity to accept the Prophet’s invitation, all of its calamities would be resolved,” he added.

Imam Khamenei said that the world was engulfed in darkness because of the oppression unleashed by the dominant powers.

“Today, humanity is afflicted with numerous problems. This is not only the case in the Muslim world, rather countries that are apparently developed also suffer from such afflictions.”

He advised them to study Islam to find solutions to their problems in its pristine principles.

No wiser words could be said, Allahu Akbar!

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