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What is done by night, appears by day

Abu Dharr

The tight relationship between the Bani Saud and Bani Isra’il is coming out into the open. Both stand exposed as enemies of Allah and the committed Muslims.

This writer had in complete honesty decided recently to take a break and focus on matters outside of Arabia. But the petty Saudi royals had to make a splash that cannot be ignored. One of the Saudi ‘retired’ generals named General/Dr. Anwar al-‘Ishqi crawled out of the official Saudi shell of silence into the limelight and presented himself and his thoughts about Israel. To make sure it was noticed, he even had himself photographed shaking hands and smiling with Dore Gold (secretary general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, a Netanyahu insider and member of his inner circle of confidants and author of the Hatred’s Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism) in a meeting at the American Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and another appearance on “official” Israeli TV.

This disused general is obviously a trial balloon by the royal out-of-step kingdom to float the idea of Saudi/Israeli common interests. This pensioned general was all flowers and roses about the war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, the grandchild of Haganah – his pragmatism, resilience, and capabilities... This pusillanimous general followed the script of capitulation to the very end by reiterating that the enemy [of Saudi Arabia and Israel] is the Islamic Republic of Iran; that it is the element of instability in the Arabian region and the Muslim East.

All of this accompanied and followed the high-wire meetings in Europe between Islamic Iran and the world’s atomic nations. We can understand why bloody Israel is worried about such a development, but what some less-than-bright Muslims have difficulty understanding is why Saudi Arabia is finding common interest with Israel? All of this is taking place, and much more behind the scenes, while the Saudi kingdom is involved in its longest and only war ever—in Yemen—along with its political relatives: the United Arabian Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Sudan, Morocco, and a few other nation-states whose eyes are on the Saudi bakhsheesh (aka largesse) more than on any type of military victory in Yemen.

Readers of this monthly magazine know by now that the Saudis are nursing a serious inferiority and cynical complex towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. Their hatred of the Islamic buildup in Iran through long years of incremental successes has caused them to virtually eject themselves into the Israeli lap.

Now we have a phalange of loudmouth copouts who are selling General ‘Ishqi’s hug of the Zionists as a personal motive or subjective drive that has nothing to do with official Saudi Arabian policy! This crowd of arguers say that General ‘Ishqi does not occupy any official position in the kingdom, so he speaks for himself and not for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Really?

If the kingdom of Saudi Arabia disagreed with him on such a sensitive “Islamic” issue they would have given him the boot or at the very least they would have pursued him for falling out of line with the official Saudi propaganda against the Zionists and the Israeli occupation. No such thing happened. Rather he moves freely in and out of his Saudi legal place of residence and probably is saluted (even though he is retired) for his efforts. And, then, when was Saudi Arabia known for its freedom of expression? If he is only expressing his personal opinion which the Saudi government does not agree with (assuming that that is the case) and is left alone, then what is good for the goose is good for the gander... why doesn’t this apply to Saudi citizens who should be left alone to express their opinions such as Dr. Mohammad al-Mas‘ari or Dr. Sa‘d al-Faqih, or the many others who are not permitted to “express their personal opinions” and are living in exile?

The more that Islamic self determination and social determination are gaining new grounds all over the Islamic world, the more it is becoming apparent even to the politically blind that the Saudi rowdy rulers and their hangers-on in the Gulf are enemies of every state, movement, organization, party, and individual who are serious about Islamic unity and Zionist futility.

The question is beginning to pop-up: Are Saudi Arabia and Israel real enemies? For anyone who has difficulty finding an answer, ask the Palestinian people.

Another inquiry that is beginning to knock on some brains is this: where are the tens of millions of Muslims who are living in Arabia? Where is their voice? When will they show up? How will they respond to this political foreplay between the misbegotten Zionists in Palestine and the Saudi soliciting sluts? Sorry to be cynical but many [not all] of them will forgo their red nights in London, Paris, Morocco, and Bangkok, and go directly to Tel Aviv when and if there are future warm and normal relations between the “kingdom of David” in Palestine and the “kingdom of Saud” in Arabia.

Arabian tourism will become an Israeli all-time moneymaker and that supersedes the sins of the flesh. “Saudi” citizens run into a myriad of bureaucratic problems if they want to “legally” marry a “foreign” Muslim? But over the horizon when and if there is a political normalization of relations between the two, will that be followed by a matrimonial normalization when a Yahudi can marry a Muslim(ah) – as, you see, we are all Ahl Kitab!

This Saudi-Israeli coziness has been a strictly top secret affair for so long. But now the Saudis and Yahudis are showing their true colors. Just last year, prince Turki al-Faisal came out. In a public symposium, he appeared along side ex-head of the Israeli Mossad. And remember the Arabian peace initiative of 2002 – Thomas Friedman’s brainchild – in which at the behest of the Saudi ruling class, all the Arabian regimes agreed to recognize Israel provided that Israel returned to its 1967 borders. This Saudi “inspired” initiative is still on the table. And the Saudi mouthpieces don’t tire of reminding the world of their dynamic ‘peace initiative’.

We also had as a runner up, that dark prince Bandar, the head of Saudi National Security, who in 2013 was reported to have met with the head of Mossad in the Jordanian resort of ‘Aqabah. It is also reported that it was Bandar himself who brought ‘Ishqi over from the military into the world of smoke and mirrors.

The media kingdom of Saudi Arabia is no longer subtle. It now, more or less states, from time to time, “in your face” that the Shi‘is are the enemy and the Zionists are allies and friends! In a demonic and twisted way they say that the Prophet (P) entered into an agreement with Yahud in al-Madinah. Working on the generational political ignorance among the Muslims which they financed and supervised they want the public to believe that it is “halal” to have an agreement with the Zionist war criminals who conned and defrauded and then stole and occupied a land that belongs to all native Palestinians who know no other land as theirs.

When the Prophet (P) enacted the Declaration of al-Madinah he did so as sovereign and they as inhabitants of an Islamic state and dependents of an Islamic authority. The Prophet (P) never recognized, much less entered into an agreement, with Zionists who were occupying other people’s lands. And then with all the good-will, civil and religious rights, and autonomy that the Prophet (P) granted to Yahud we all know the recidivism, failures, and treachery that Bani Qaynuqa‘, Bani al-Nadhir, and Bani Qurayza demonstrated throughout their tumultuous years in al-Madinah and then in Khaybar.

No we have the Saudi media empire saying in effect that they should not be held to a higher standard! Why, they say, should Saudi Arabia be more concerned with Palestine than the other Muslims and Arabians? Look at Egypt, they crow, it has official diplomatic relations with Israel; and Israel has an embassy in Cairo. Jordan’s population is 80% Palestinian, and Israel has its diplomatic mission and embassy in ‘Amman. Turkey and Israel have ambassadors in each other’s countries. Morocco and Mauritania have flirted with Israeli diplomats and businessmen publically and privately. Some Christians in Lebanon have maintained a steady course of not-so-publicized relations with the Zionist regime. The Kurds have a warm relationship with the Zionists also. So, there you have it. Almost everyone is wheeling and dealing with the Israelis! Why should Saudi Arabia be any different? This may fool the gullible; but seasoned Muslims know that all this scenario of inter-Arabian-Israeli relations were worked out through the Saudi channels throughout all these years. Saudi Arabia was not an outsider in these Arabian-Israeli relations; it was an insider.

As we see it there are prefabricated fatwas coming down the pipe. And prepackaged “Islamic” opinions ready to be dispensed. We are not short on scholars for dollars or sheikhs for shekels.

Oh! How can we forget General ‘Ishqi’s infamous words on Israeli TV: a logical [reasonable] enemy – Israel – is better than an ignorant friend – Iran. You could almost hear the strident applause by the Israeli Zionist viewers when he uttered that solitaire of statements.

We are all ears and eyes! But not one hoot from the ‘ulama in Arabia and not one shucks from the sheikhs of the kingdom. Their silence speaks volumes.

In a nutshell, it is really all about the (Islamic) will to liberate Palestine. Little of it has to do with Iran, or Shi‘is, or Islamic Movements if these would just “behave themselves” and not struggle and strive to liberate Palestine. The will to liberate Palestine in the form of Hizbullah or Hamas or others in the Saudi eyes is tantamount to kufr! The willingness to liberate Palestine in the eyes of Mahmoud ‘Abbas and his “authority” is treason! And the practical will to liberate Palestine in the eyes of the Zionists is terrorism. What a line-up of interests and a confluence of seeming enemies!

If this Saudi-Israeli political smooching continues, the Saudis – if they ever survive this – will wind up paying a retroactive bill for all the revenue that is owed to Yahud of Arabia who were denied the equal share of wealth that belonged to them were they allowed to stay in al-Madinah, Khaybar, Tayma’, and other areas in the Arabian peninsula.

A word to the wise – if there are any of them left in Arabia today is this:

If you want to surpass Islamic Iran in excellence you have an opportunity; and that opportunity is not by hitching your future and your destiny to the Zionist war criminals in Tel Aviv as you appear to be doing now. An alliance with those Zionists will expose you, undo you, and crush you. You’re already halfway into oblivion. Before it is too late [and time is quickly running out] you can declare, by strategy and policy, Israel to be the number one enemy of all Muslims and all dislocated peoples in the world. Israel as we are writing these words is in the process of creeping into, marching on, and then illegally seizing al-Masjid al-Aqsa. The Israelis are using shoot-to-kill retaliation measures against stone-throwing civilian Palestinians who are with their bare hands defending al-Masjid al-Aqsa. These Israelis with whom you are meeting in public and in private are gunning for Palestinian children and women. They use all types of banned weapons from white phosphorous to dumdum bullets (a soft-nosed small-arms bullet that expands when it hits a target and causes a gaping wound).

You can extricate yourselves from your self-defeating war in Yemen, a war that you have been waging during al-Ash-hur al-Hurum [the sacrosanct months of the Islamic calendar] thinking that no one is paying attention. The time is now or never. You are either on the side of haqq and justice or on the side of aggression and war crimes against thousands of killed and wounded by you directly [in Yemen and Bahrain], by you indirectly [in Syria and ‘Iraq] and by you in alliance with Israel [in Palestine].

This is a clean competition if it is your will to accept the challenge. Otherwise, Islamic Iran along with an Ummah yearning for freedom and justice – as history marches on – will dwarf your kingdom and eventually defeat your alliance with Yahud.

If there is ever a hadith of the leading Prophet (P) that should come as a Godsend during these difficult times – and we know how you feel about hadith – it is this:

There will remain in steadfast positions a constituent of my Ummah – visible on account of their deen, trouncing their enemy. They don’t mind those who counterpose them – except for what may accrue of hardship... until Allah’s decree meets [up with] them while they are holding their positions. They [the sahabah] asked: Where are they? He [P] said: Bayt al-Maqdis and the environs of Bayt al-Maqdis.

[Wa la-tazaalu taa’ifatun min ummati ‘alaa al-deen zahireen, li-‘aduwwihim qahireen; la yadurruhum man khaalafahum illaa maa asaabahum min la’waa’ hatta ya’tiyahum amru Allah wa hum kadhaalika. Qaaluu: Ayna hum? Qaala: Baytu al-Maqdis wa aknaafu Bayti al-Maqdis.]

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 8

Dhu al-Hijjah 17, 14362015-10-01

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