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US-backed rebels proudly film beheading of 10-year-old boy

Crescent International


What kind of people would behead a 10-year-old boy in public and even film the gruesome act? If they happen to be Western-backed rebels, they would indulge in such crimes but they can rest easy that the Western corporate media would give this barbaric act a pass. CNN and Fox News did not report this horrific crime; the BBC gave it short shrift. Imagine if a group opposed to the West had indulged in such an act!

Tuesday July 19, 2016, 22:27 DST

Imagine a group of armed men beheading a 10-year-old boy and then filming it. Imagine further that this group of men is opposed to US policy and is, therefore, routinely vilified in the Western corporate media. Take the case of the Taliban, for instance. One can imagine the screaming headlines, top news on television channels about the barbarism of these people.

But what if the rebels are US-backed, supported and armed; would the US and its mouthpieces treat these monsters with the same disdain? Perish the thought. Their pet terrorists cannot do anything wrong even when they are publicly beheading a child.

This is what happened in Aleppo. Fox News and CNN did not bother to report this gruesome crime. The BBC was marginally better; it reported it but the news was tucked in the back page of its website. Why so little interest in such crimes when perpetrated by their own terrorists?

The group responsible for this crime is the Noor al-Din al-Zinki Movement. It is unfortunate that these monsters carry the name of a great Muslim warrior and ruler of Aleppo. He had the honor of seeing the Prophet (saws) in his dream not once but three times asking him to deal with three men with pale skins and blue eyes that had evil intentions on the Prophet’s (saws) grave.

These were Christians from the West who pretending to be Muslims, had arrived in Madinah to dig a tunnel to the Prophet’s (saws) grave and steal his blessed body. It was at this stage that the Prophet (saws) appeared to Noor al-Din in his dream and told him to deal with these criminals.

And Noor al-Din, as a faithful follower of the noble Messenger (saws), did precisely as told in his dream. He caught the perpetrators and when confronted by the evidence, they had to confess. They were executed for their crime.

What do the terrorists besmirching the good name of Noor al-Din Zinki do today? They carry out the gruesome beheading of a young child because he belongs to a community they do not like. Is that reason to kill someone, especially in such a gruesome manner?

Aleppo is currently surrounded on all sides by the Syrian army and the terrorists holed up there have little chance of escape. Further, their access to the Turkish border has also been cut off so they can no longer receive arms and mercenaries to help them.

The terrorists in Aleppo and Al-Raqqah, the terrorists’ supposed capital, are receiving help from the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Britain and France. Of course, they are branded as “moderates”. There is nothing moderate about beheading a child but the determination between a moderate and a terrorist is made only whether the terrorists are Western-backed or opposed to it.



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