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Week In Review

UK parliament's report on Russia implicates British establishment

As the Russian interference hype continues to impress and shock poorly-informed average citizens of the West, those with better understanding of current affairs have a hard time accepting Russia as the bogeyman narrative.

In an in-depth analytical column for the Middle East Eye (MEE), Marco Carnelos , former Italian diplomat, pointed out some serious flaws in the report released by British parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) on Russian activity in the UK.

Carnelos correctly pointed out that “the naked reality is that all nations attempt to interfere in other nations’ politics, and Russia is no exception... It is becoming more and more incomprehensible to blame nations like Russia for certain questionable actions when some Western nations do the same.”

The former diplomat also pointed out that even though the British report highlighted how Britain’s ruling caste has worked closely with Russian billionaires and close Putin confidants, this aspect of the report thrust into the background.

Courtesy: Middle East Eye

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