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Two Kashmiri youth detained, tortured to death and their bodies set on fire by occupation forces

Crescent International

Sunday December 11, 2016

Two Kashmiri youth, among them Majid Zargar, were abducted by Indian occupation forces in the Arwani area of Islamabad district in Occupied Kashmir on December 8. The youth were subsequently tortured to death by the occupation forces.

As if the killings under torture were not bad enough that constitute a war crime, the Indian occupation troops then sprinkled gunpower and explosives around the house where the youths’ bodies were dumped.

Local residents told media personnel that the occupation forces opened fire on the house with heavy weapons. This resulted in the gunpowder catching fire that engulfed the entire house in flames. The bodies were burnt to ashes and were, therefore, left unrecognizable.

This was the intention of the occupation forces: to add insult to injury and try to hide their crime in the process.

While used to such atrocities by now, the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir were enraged by this latest act of barbarism.

Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement held a peaceful protest at the Press Colony in Srinagar against the continued human rights violations being committed by Indian forces. The protesters demanded an impartial probe into the killing of innocent people during the ongoing uprising.

Hurriyet leader Mukhtar Ahmad Waza visited Qaimoh to express solidarity with the family of Majid Zargar. Chairman of the Hurriyet forum, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq talked to the father of Majid Zargar on the phone from Srinagar and expressed his deepest condolences with the family.

Beyond expressing sympathy with the families of the bereaved, the joint resistance leadership in Occupied Kashmir sent a memorandum to the United Nations. In it, they reminded the world body that the people of Kashmir continue to be deprived of their right of self-determination, right to liberty, justice and political and economic rights. These, the leadership pointed out, are enshrined in at least 18 Security Council resolutions that have remained unfulfilled because of India’s intransigence.

According to the Kashmir Media Service, the leading source of news on events in Occupied Kashmir, the memorandum jointly signed by Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik was emailed to UN headquarters in New York. It said that the world body had adopted many declarations and covenants about the human rights of people, but all these declarations and covenants remained hollow expressions as far as the people of Kashmir are concerned.

The people of Indian occupied Kashmir are victims of the worst kinds of abuses of human rights but there is deafening silence from the world body, indeed many other human rights organizations as well.

The memorandum pointed out that the people of Jammu and Kashmir were continuously being held against their will by the political and military apparatus of India. Instead of making laws to protect basic human rights, it added, black laws like Armed Special Powers Act, Disturbed Area Act and Public Safety Act are in force to protect, and indeed encourage those that trample these basic human rights of the people under their boots.

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