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Week In Review

Turkish-Russian deal of Idlib for Libya is a weak theory

Writing for the Washington based al-monitor.com, Kirill Semenov, an independent analyst on political and military issues in the Middle East, forecasts a highly plausible Russian-Turkish deal in Syria.

According to Semenov, “it cannot be ruled out that Russia and Turkey will decide the future of Libya and Idlib in one "package" agreement. For example, in exchange for Ankara's refusal to support Libya's Government of National Accord in the attack on Sirte and Jufra, Moscow will reject all of Assad's plans for attempts to launch a new military campaign in Idlib.”

Semenov’s analysis is plausible. However, taking into account the fact that among the takfiri fighters in Idlib there are many citizens of Russia, Moscow is unlikely to agree to plans which would provide them with refuge to re-group and potentially carry out attacks in Russia.

Courtesy: www.al-monitor.com

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