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Week In Review

Turkey’s proxies in Syria fight each other

It appears that Turkey’s Washington strategy in Syria is facing another fiasco after reports of infighting emerge among Ankara backed militias.

Ahrar al-Sharqiya and the Mutassim Brigade, both Turkish-backed, began fighting each other. Al-monitor reported that “a Syria analyst at the Turkish think tank SETA said the fighting began when a division of the SNA from Deir ez-Zour farther south tried to take an area controlled by the Mutassim Brigade in Ras al-Ain. “Mutassim put up resistance and small clashes happened which ended very soon due to the interference of the military police of the SNA with Turkish backing.”

The incident once again highlights that Turkey will not be able to implement its strategy in Syria in a coherent manner and sooner or later will clash with its questionable allies.

Courtesy: al-monitor.com

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