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Terrorists’ response to peace talks in Geneva: explosions at Seyyeda Zainab shrine in Damascus

Crescent International

What kind of people calling themselves Muslims would target the shrine of Seyyeda Zainab (ra), the sister of Imam Husain (ra)? These cannot be committed Muslims since such attacks result in the killing of innocent Muslims--as has just happened in Damascus at the hands of the takfiri terrorists--and expose the extreme hatred they have for the revered personalities of Islam. These so-called Muslims are the enemies of Allah.

Damascus, crescent-online.net
Sunday January 31, 2016, 10:23 EST

As indirect “peace talks” started under UN auspices in Geneva, the terrorists responded to them by setting off three explosions near the shrine of Seyyeda Zainab (ra) in Damascus today.

At least 45 people, and perhaps many more, were killed and 110 reported injured in three explosions that shook nearby buildings causing extensive damage. The first explosion was a car bomb at a bus stop and as people rushed to the rescue of wounded people, two suicide bombers detonated their explosive vests.

The terrorist takfiri group that goes by the name ISIS (or ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attack on social media. The question that must be asked immediately is: are these people Muslims? What kind of a Muslim would attack the shrine of a revered Islamic personality like Seyyeda Zainab (ra), the sister of Imam Husain (ra) and what is it they wanted to achieve from such a dastardly crime?

The shrine, located south of the Syrian capital Damascus, has been the target of previous attacks as well such as the February 2015 attack that resulted in similar civilian casualties. The shrine is filled with throngs of pilgrims both during the day and night. It is a soft target, something the takfiri terrorists specifically aim for because it is easy to kill civilians.

The terrorist attacks coincided with talks in Geneva as delegates from the Syrian government and opposition groups gathered under UN auspices. Yesterday, one of the main opposition groups threatened to boycott the talks unless the Syrian government caved in to their demands.

While the main opposition group backed down from its threat to walk out of even the indirect talks, their ludicrous demands can only reduce the already dim prospects of a negotiated settlement.

The opposition groups are not free to decide on their own; their orders come from the medieval Bedouins of Najd that have illegally occupied the Arabian Peninsula. The Bani Saud see the success of these talks as a slap on their face and failure of their policy to overthrow the government in Damascus by unleashing terror.

The prospects of the talks were low to start with, they have been dealt another blow by the terrorist attacks on Seyyeda Zainab (ra) shrine in Damascus.

Not surprisingly, Dr Bashar al-Jaafari, head of the Syrian government delegation at Geneva (he is also Syria’s ambassador at the UN), said the explosions targeting the shrine confirmed the link between the opposition groups and terrorists rampaging through Syria.


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