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Syria's cyber warriors hack into US Central Command

Crescent International

Syria's cyber warriors calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) have successfully hacked into the US Central Command systems and retrieved hundred of military documents that they promise to make available to the general public soon. There must be many red faces in CENTCOM and Washington. Perhaps Uncle Sam has got a dose of his own medicine.

Dubai, Crescent-online
Saturday March 15, 2014, 09:57 DST

As the West led by the US continues its propaganda campaign against President Bashar al-Asad of Syria, and while the West and its Arab allies continue to pour billions of dollars worth of arms to the mercenaries in Syria, another battle is being waged off screen.

Warriors of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) loyal to President Asad announced on their Twitter account yesterday that they had successfully hacked into the network of US Central Command (CENTCOM) and accessed hundreds of military documents.

In their message, the group claimed to “have already successfully penetrated many central repositories” and promised to reveal specific details of documents.

“In the coming days we will update you with specific details and hundreds of documents that the SEA has obtained,” the group said.

If true, this will not only be damaging to the US and its military plots against other countries but the documents are also likely to reveal the criminal nature of many of America’s Arab allies.

The SEA warriors said they targeted CENTCOM after US President Barack Obama announced a “decision to attack Syria with electronic warfare.” The New York Times reported last month that Washington was developing a battle plan against Syria that featured a sophisticated cyber attack on the Syrian military and the command structure of the Syrian government.

Syria’s electronic warriors seem to have upstaged the Americans although it would be simplistic to assume that the US is not already involved in cyber attacks against Syria or any other country or group—Islamic Iran, Russia or Hizbullah, for instance—that it considers enemy.

The US does not spare even its friends, as Wikileaks have revealed. It has been tapping into the phone conversations of Germany’s leaders as well as many others around the world.

Perhaps the Syrian Electronic Army warriors have got it right: give Uncle Sam dose of his own medicine.

Meanwhile, the clowns that dominate the so-called Syrian National Coalition have once again called upon the US and the West to give them more weapons. No matter what amount of weapons they get, they are so incompetent and bereft of any support inside Syria that they will not succeed in their nefarious designs.

The people of Syria simply do not trust them or want them to have anything to do with power.


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