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Week In Review

Stephen Harper Meets Ukrainian Right-Wingers

left to right: LUC president Roman Medyk, Stephen Harper, LUCW president Halyna Vynnyk, ICSU president Borys Potapenko

On March 26, The Grayzone, an independent news website managed by Max Blumenthal, an award-winning American journalist, published a report about a meeting between far-right Ukrainian nationalists and the former prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.

According to the Grayzone, “Harper spoke as the keynote guest at a gala organized to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC) and its newspaper, Homin Ukrainy (“Ukrainian Echo”), as well as the 65th anniversary of the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women (LUCW)…. Today, the transnational crypto-fascist network of Banderite NGOs once known above board as the “Organizations of the Ukrainian Liberation Front” operates in the open and with the full-throated support of Western politicians like Stephen Harper. Its global coordinating body is called the International Council in Support of Ukraine, or ICSU, which in turn looks to the OUN-B for leadership.

The ICSU and the Ukrainian World Congress are presently headquartered in Toronto. And it is there that the LUC – the group that hosted Harper – presides over the ICSU’s Canadian branch, the CCSU. Oksana Prociuk-Cyz, CEO of the largest Ukrainian Canadian credit union, is a former treasurer of the ICSU, whose present-day leader, Borys Potapenko, is from Detroit, but a former executive director of the LUC.

Over forty years ago, Potapenko chaired a “Committee in Defense of Ukraine” that “conducted a major campaign in protest against the showing of the [1978] television movie ‘Holocaust’ starring Meryl Streep and James Woods.”

Most so-called conservative political parties in Western countries have regressed into far-right oriented political groupings with little to no connection to classical conservatism rooted in Christian traditions. Just like the Zionist movement hijacked Judaism for its supremacist political agenda, many conservative political organizations in Western countries utilize conservative rhetoric to mask their white supremacist agenda.

(Courtesy: the Grayzone)

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