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Saudi Grand Mufti issues Fatwa against pro-Gaza marches

Crescent International

Far from supporting the Palestinians, the Saudi regime and its court ulama have opened their big guns against the people of Gaza. They have gone so far as to denounce any solidarity marches in favour of Palestinians. The Saudis are working hand-in-glove with the zionists to destroy Hamas.

Riyadh, Crescent-online
Monday August 04, 2014, 11:03 DST

In what must be a new low for the court ulama of Saudi Arabia, the Grand Mufti of the kingdom, Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh issued a fatwa denouncing marches in support of the brutalized people of Gaza as “useless” and “demagogic.”

The grand mufti who is blind, is the General President for Scientific Researches and Fatwas.

The basis for his fatwa was that pro-Gaza demonstrations “are just useless demagogic actions, that won’t help Palestinians.” He went on: “Demagoguery does not work. It is just an exaggeration,” without explaining what he meant by exaggeration.

Instead, the blind Saudi mufti said people should donate money as humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. His fatwa was issued after Saudi King Abdullah in a long and rambling speech on August 1 denounced “terror groups and states” in Gaza without naming anyone.

In order to deflect growing criticism of Saudi inaction, the monarch announced a donation of SR100 million ($26 million) for the Palestinian Health Ministry. This money will likely end up in the pockets of Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies that have no presence in Gaza where the people are suffering the Zionist onslaught.

The Saudi and the military regime in Egypt are conspiring with the Americans and the zionists to undermine Hamas. One of the proposals being floated for a cease-fire in Gaza is to disarm Hamas. Should this come to pass, this would leave the Palestinians at the non-existent mercies of the zionists.

The Saudis have a visceral hatred of Hamas because the resistance group refuses to surrender to the zionists, as the regime in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have done. In an opinion piece published in the Saudi paper, Al-Sharq al-Awsat from London on July 27, Prince Turki al-Faisal condemned Hamas for fighting against Israel.

Prince Turki who had served for many years as Saudi intelligence chief and also as ambassador to London and briefly in Washington said “Hamas is responsible for the slaughter in the Gaza Strip following its bad decisions in the past, and the haughtiness it shows by firing useless rockets at Israel, which contribute nothing to the Palestinian interest. The Hamas rockets pose no threat to the Israeli occupation, even when they reach Tel Aviv.”

He also blamed Qatar and Turkey for their mediation efforts, saying that instead of preventing Israel from destroying Gaza, these two countries were destroying Egypt’s leadership role in the Arab world.

This was reference to the Egyptian cease-fire proposal dictated by the US and Israel that Hamas rejected because it was not even consulted. The proposal called for disarming Hamas.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the people of Gaza are determined that any cease-fire must contain an iron-clad guarantee that Israel will lift its illegal siege of the tiny Gaza Strip that is slowly strangulating the people. They would prefer to die a quick honorable death than a slow death.

The Saudi and Egyptian regimes want Hamas to surrender unconditionally so that these corrupt rulers can continue to enjoy their ill-gotten wealth without being questioned about their responsibilities.

The Saudi Grand Mufti’s fatwa denouncing pro-Palestinian marches also runs contrary to the Sunnah of the noble Messenger of Allah (saws). In early Islamic history when Muslims were weak in Makkah, there was a particularly poignant episode.

Two early Muslims—Sumaiyya and her husband Yasir—were being tortured by the mushrikeen. While the noble Messenger (saws) could not rescue them, he did not abandon them either.

Every day he would come out and stand at a distance expressing solidarity with them and counseling patience. The two became the first martyrs of Islam.

If the noble Messenger (saws) expressed solidarity with the oppressed Muslims in early Islamic history, how can the paid Saudi preacher denounce solidarity marches for the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza?


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