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Saudi bid for seat at UN Human Rights Council rejected

Crescent International

Even the thought of Saudi Arabia being on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for the next three years is abhorrent.

On October 13, the Saudi bid failed miserably.

Even if its patron saint—the US—and its bosom-pal—the Zionist occupiers of Palestine—have no qualms about consorting with the Bedouin head-choppers, the rest of the world has not turned a blind-eye.

Fifteen countries were elected to the 47-member council yesterday but thankfully Saudi Arabia was not one of them.

Election to the council is based on regional blocs.

Saudi Arabia was in a bloc of five countries where the other contenders were China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Nepal.

Only four seats were available.

When the secret balloting was over, the results were as follows:

Pakistan 169 votes, Uzbekistan 164, Nepal 150, China 139 and Saudi Arabia 90 votes.

Saudi Arabia had already served a three-year term, amid howls of protests from human rights defenders worldwide when it was “elected” three years ago.

Other members of the UN General Assembly had had enough of Saudi barbarism to allow the head-choppers back in the council.

Uzbekistan is not known for its sterling human rights record either but Saudi barbarism has eclipsed even the Central Asian brutes.

The gruesome murder and chopping of Jamal Khashoggi’s body at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018 caused global revulsion against the Saudi regime.

Even tiny Nepal bested the Saudis.

Russia and Cuba ran unopposed and were elected to the Human Rights body.

The Saudis’ atrocious human rights record has caught up with them.

Hundreds of political prisoners languish in Saudi jails in appalling conditions.

The detainees include ulama, university professors, lawyers and human rights activists.

Dozens of women also languish in jail for no other ‘crime’ than asking for basic rights.

And Saudi head-choppers are busy as ever.

The regime indulges in such gruesome acts in public to terrorize people into submission.

People are put through kangaroo trials that fail to meet even the minimum of judicial standards.

There is no codified law in Saudi Arabia.

Judges—or what passes for judges—hand down harsh sentences to please their political masters.

They may get away with such barbaric practices in the medieval kingdom but the rest of the world has demonstrated it is not prepared to put up with such criminal conduct.

The Saudis have been delivered a hard slap by the UN General Assembly by rejecting their bid to continue to sit on the Human Rights Council.

Will the Bedouins take note and mend their atrocious conduct? Perish the thought.

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