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Role of Syria, and Islamic Iran’s anticipated Response to zionist crime

Crescent International

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As apartheid Israel’s geopolitical, military and security conditions continue to deteriorate, Syria emerges as a growing pressure point for the zionist entity.

Since Syria has been embroiled in an imposed-war for years, some regional and non-regional analysts have dismissed it as an important player in the Axis of Resistance.

This framing is incomplete and misreads the regional dynamics.

Frequent zionist attacks on Syria over many years and recent retaliatory strikes from Syria against apartheid Israel indicate quite clearly that Damascus is a vital pressure point against Tel Aviv.

The Syrian war was the first major global conflict in which western and Israeli goals were successfully defeated.

Backed by Iran, the government of Syria is still in power, even after the US and its surrogates mobilized enormous resources to topple it.

Even prior to 2011, Syria served a useful role as a logistic hub against Israel.

This still continues to be the case, only in a much greater capacity.

Thus, it has triggered increased Israeli attacks.

In post 2011, Islamic Iran and Hizbullah have become far deeply entrenched in Syria than they were prior to 2011.

In 2021, the US publication the National Interest wrote that “with Iran consolidating its influence in Syria, it appears that Israel lacks a viable political strategy for dealing with what may come next in Syria’s post-conflict period.”

The April 1 assassination of Revolutionary Guards commander, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi shows that Damascus is a major part of the Resistance Axis.

Otherwise, Israel would not risk triggering a certain Iranian response by carrying out an irrational and illegal attack.

Prominent regional expert Dr. Amal Saad of Cardiff University states that “it’s important to note that the IDF’s high state of alertness, GPS jamming throughout the country, and reports about the Israeli Home Front’s planned campaign to prepare the Israeli public for war with Hizbullah and an Iranian reprisal, are effectively part of Iran’s response. Sowing fear, panic and paralysis are a critical part of the Resistance Axis' psychological warfare strategy.”

The reality is that no one knows how exactly Islamic Iran will respond to the zionist attack on its diplomatic premises in Damascus.

What is clear is that a retaliatory strike will be carried out but on Iran’s terms.

Since the events of October 2023, the Resistance Axis has been framing and escalating the situation on its own terms.

No one expected Hamas to capture nearly 200 Israelis to have thousands of Palestinian hostages released from Israeli dungeons.

In a similar manner, no one expected Yemen to turn into a major factor in confronting apartheid Israel.

No one fully understands the short- and long-term responses of Islamic Iran.

It should be noted that international law is a precedent-based system.

Frequent zionist violations of Syria’s sovereignty create the legal foundations for Israel’s demise in the near future.

By repeatedly violating Syria’s sovereignty with no legal or political repercussions, Israel has opened the legal door for future action against its occupation of Palestine, be it by Syria or any other state actor.

Islamic Iran is certainly going to use this aspect and reshape regional dynamics.

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