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Regime Change Attempt in Germany: In 1930s it was Terrible for the World, Hopefully, Not This Time!

Crescent International

The news that 25 people have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government is a sign that western intelligence agencies have not wasted all their money and attention on silencing pro-Palestinian and Muslim activists.

According to the BBC, the pro-regime media outlet of Europe’s only theocracy, a “group of far-right and ex-military figures are said to have prepared for a ‘Day X’ to storm the Reichstag parliament building and seize power.”

The latest worrying events in Germany, a country historically prone to right wing ideas, is another sign of multipolarity.

Hitherto, coups and political turmoil were a luxury which the western regimes instigated in West Asia and Africa to overthrow rulers who took their ‘independence’ too seriously.

How times have changed.

Citing the local prosecutor’s office, Al Jazeera reported that “suspects were arrested in the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Saxony, and Thuringia, as well as in neighbouring Austria and Italy.”

What makes the latest coup attempt in Germany even more dangerous is the fact that someone in Austria was also involved.

Last time a failed artist who had served as corporal in the Austrian army got involved in the coup in Germany, it ended up terribly bad for the entire world.

Hopefully it is not the case this time.

No more corporals, please!

According to the BBC, a prominent media outlet based in the capital city ruled by the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, German coup plotters were led by a “minor aristocrat Heinrich XIII.”

Heinrich XIII would not have been demoted to minor status if he had led a coup attempt in Islamic Iran, for instance.

He would probably have been called a major opposition figure on Twitter and like Juan Guaido, declared ‘leader’ of the country.

It seems Heinrich XIII had a poor understanding of western double standards.

Western political elite base their policies and declare someone a minor or a major leader on such double standards.

The arrested bunch appeared to be mentally stuck in 1933.

Reports from Germany say that it appears the group wanted to go even further back into history and establish the ‘new Germany’ on the 1871 model.

This fact makes a thorough psychoanalysis of the detainees imperative, but it is unlikely to happen.

Which churches they attended, what books they read and what websites they visited are unlikely to be scrutinized by the western media as the detainees are not Muslim.

It is yet to be seen whether the mainstream right-wing segment of German society will show its support for Heinrich XIII.

It will probably depend on what policies he had in mind for the growing immigrant and Muslim populations in Germany.

Anti-Muslim policies are highly popular in Europe these days.

Thus, unless it can be proved that Heinrich XIII held anti-Muslim views, he will likely not receive much support from mainstream racists in Germany.

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