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Rally Denounces B’nai Brith’s Smear Campaign Against Human Rights Activists

Crescent International

B’nai Brith is in the forefront of making scandalous allegations against any individual or group that dares to criticize Israeli crimes.

On August 29, however, hundreds of protesters converged on the group’s offices in North York, a suburb of Toronto, to denounce its smear campaign and racism.

B’nai Brith Canada had denounced the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) for their affiliation with the Palestinian Service Workers Union (PSWU), alleging that the latter supports terrorism.

Further, following last June’s annual Quds Day rally in Toronto that B’nai Brith had tried to unsuccessfully block, the pro-Zionist group made scandalous allegations against Shaykh Shafiqul Huda.

Shaykh Huda, one of the speakers at the rally had pointed to Zionist crimes against innocent Palestinian children but that was enough to send B’nai Brith into a frenzied rage.

How dare anyone point to Israeli crimes when that regime can do no wrong, thundered B’nai Brith? Even when it kills innocent children, it is in “self-defence” or to prevent these children from growing up to become terrorists.

“Recently, B’nai Brith Canada launched a smear campaign against CUPW, (which) has taken a principled stand in defence of Palestinian human rights,” the protest’s organizers wrote on Facebook in lead-up to the rally.

“As a result, CUPW has become the latest victim in a long list of smear campaigns launched by B’nai Brith Canada to silence human rights defenders who are critical of Israel’s violations of international law.

“Enough is enough. Please join us in communicating to B’nai Brith that we will no longer remain silent in the face of its constant attacks on those who demand freedom and justice for the Palestinian people.”

And hundreds of people did just that on a working day on August 29.

Sure enough, Jewish Defence (Offence) League thugs were also there. These thugs do not hesitate attacking opponents yet the group has not been designated a terrorist organization as it is in the US. Even in Zionist Israel, the parent organization of JDL is banned because of its extreme terrorist acts against innocent Palestinians.

CUPW represents some 50,000 postal workers. It has launched a “joint project” with the Palestinian Postal Service Workers’ Union (PPSWU) that’s “designed to strengthen the Palestinian postal union and build greater solidarity between our two unions.”

How dare Canadians show solidarity with any Palestinians even if they are workers and Canadians want to build greater solidarity with them, according to B’nai Brith.

The pro-Zionist outfit that specializes in smear campaigns has also recruited a number of political stooges to its nefarious agenda. One of them is Toronto Councillor James Pasternak. His office is located right behind B’nai Brith’s office (does he have a backdoor to B’nai Brith office from where he receives his instructions?)

Pasternak has tried—again unsuccessfully—to block the Quds Day rally from taking place. So much for the Zionists and their apologists’ belief in freedom of speech.

They can hold rallies, they can denounce Muslims as terrorists; that is all part of their freedom of speech but Muslims and their allies cannot even defend themselves.

The vast majority of Canadians, however, are beginning to see through the Zionists’ smear campaign. In a recent Angus Reid poll, it was found that the majority of Canadians sympathize with the Palestinians and believe Canadian government policy is biased in favor of Israel.

It is time to stand to Zionist thugs and expose their smear campaign.

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