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A Correspondent in Toronto



Toronto conference on peace and justice brings together Muslims and Western dissidents

A Correspondent in Toronto

Safar 01, 14272006-03-01

The controversy resulting from Europe's insulting cartoons merely confirms what Muslims have always known: that there is deep animosity for Islam and Muslims within the Western establishment. It was to reflect on this and other matters that the conference “Peace and Justice in the Age of Imperialism” was organised on the occasion of the twenty-seventh anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Occupied Arab World

Harassment at US-Canada borders

A Correspondent in Toronto

Dhu al-Qa'dah 23, 14171997-04-01

Travellers from Canada to the US have frequently encountered hostility and aggressive behaviour from US customs and immigration officials at the various land border crossing points. In recent months, this has escalated dramatically.

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