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Neo-Nazis Increase Their Role In The New Zionist Regime!

Ayman Ahmed

At a time when most commentators thought Israel could not move any further to the right, the November 1 election results quickly disabused them of this fantasy. The reason is simple. Factions within the zionist cabal detest each other intensely. Had it not been for the Palestinians whom they hate and kill as a matter of routine, they would be drinking each other’s blood.

The election returned Benjamin Netanyahu to power with the help of ultra-extremist right-wing parties. The British daily, the Independent, had described him as “the prince of darkness and hate.” To understand what is wrong with the colonial-settler entity, consider this: Netanyahu won a sixth term as prime minister, despite his indictment for breach of trust, accepting bribes, and fraud. This is not surprising. The entire zionist enterprise is built on lies, fraud, deceit and theft. Crooks and terrorists rule the roost.

The original lie was that God promised them the holy land in perpetuity. What have they done to deserve such a favour and what about the indigenous Palestinian people from whom the land takes its name ‘Falastin’ (Palestine)?

Even before last month’s election—the fifth in four years—the country’s political discourse had turned poisonous. Name calling and vile insults of opponents were common. If non-Jews were to repeat them, they would be immediately accused of anti-Semitism.

Neo-Nazis and blood-thirsty generals, their hands drenched in the blood of innocent Palestinians, dominate the new Israeli Knesset. This is called democracy at work in the “only democracy in the Middle East.”

Let us name some of these notorious war-criminals Netanyahu has gathered around him to grab power again. This is a no brainer since the zionist snake pit is infested with such people. The racists and bigots include Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich. Ben-Gvir leads the Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Strength) party and is a staunch admirer of Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League, branded a terrorist organization in the US.

The two men have made no secret of their intense hatred of Palestinians whom they want to wipe out by expulsion or murder. Smotrich wants the defence portfolio while Ben-Gvir has asked for the ministry of public security that oversees internal security as well as the security of prisons. He said during the election campaign that he would like to change the “rules of engagement” for Israeli soldiers to deal “more effectively” with Palestinians. Presumably, hitherto the Palestinians were treated with love and affection!

There are more than 4700 Palestinians languishing in Israeli prisons, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Support group, Addameer. Among them are 30 women and 190 children. At least 800 are held under the lawless law called ‘Administrative Detention’. They are subjected to physical and mental torture.

The category ‘Administrative Detention’ needs elaboration. Under this fraudulently named concept, Palestinians can be arrested and detained for six months without charge or trial. At the end of the detention period, a detainee’s term can be extended for another six months by a military court. Thus, there are Palestinians that have been held for decades without being charged with any specific crime much less brought before a court of law.

The case of Khalil Awawdeh attracted international attention when he went on a hunger strike. Arrested in December 2021, his hunger strike lasted for nearly six months. His body was reduced to a skeleton and the doctors said he could die any day. In August, he ended his hunger on the promise that he would be released on October 3 but an Israeli court later blocked it.

He is the most famous administrative detainee but there are hundreds of others. Some of them joined Awawdeh in the hunger strike in order to secure release from Israel’s illegal detention.

If Ben-Gvir gets the security ministry, the plight of Palestinian detainees would get even worse. He certainly would not lose any sleep over it.

Whatever portfolios the two men are handed, they will intensify the oppression of Palestinians. Ben-Gvir has been leading armed zionist settlers onto the Aqsa Compound terrorizing Palestinian worshippers. These are also likely to escalate.

Lest anyone assumes from this that Israel’s just-ousted rulers were better, that is not the case. They are all equal opportunity oppressors. It was the just-defeated coalition led by Yair Lapid and his predecessor Naftali Bennett who spared no effort to torture, maim and kill Palestinians to prove their macho credentials. Bennett even boasted that he had killed a lot of Arabs and there is no problem with that!

Lapid also ordered the three-day attack on Gaza in early August following the arrest of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) activist in Jenin. Assuming that PIJ would retaliate, he would use that as a pretext to launch an attack on Gaza. When Islamic Jihad refused to take the bait, he launched a three-day strike on the tiny enclave anyway killing at least 46 Palestinians including 16 children. More than 350 Palestinians were wounded.

The supposedly left-leaning British daily, the Guardian, was most tactful in reporting Israel’s latest onslaught on Gaza. Its headline read:

“Israel bombs Gaza for second day in ‘pre-emptive’ operations”. What was ‘pre-emptive’ about the Israeli attack the Guardian did not explain. Amnesty International, however, was so appalled by Israel’s indiscriminate firing of missiles on apartment buildings and the killing of civilians that it called upon the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch an inquiry into Israeli war crimes.

Given the ICC’s record and despite a ruling that it has jurisdiction to investigate Israeli war crimes relating to its 2014 onslaught on Gaza, the matter has not made much progress. Last March it announced that the ICC would launch a formal investigation into Israeli war conduct, much to the chagrin of the zionist occupiers, but not much can be expected. The ICC’s announcement did not deter Israel from attacking Gaza again in August 2022.

Life for the Palestinians will get infinitely worse as witnessed on November 14 when Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Qarawat Bani Hassan and cut down 2,000 olive trees, in addition to spraying chemical toxins on hundreds of dunams of Palestinian-owned land.

Under such circumstances, the Palestinians are left with no choice but to resist with whatever means necessary. It may take some time, but ultimately, victory will be theirs.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 52, No. 10

Jumada' al-Ula' 07, 14442022-12-01

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