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Muslim students in French schools forced to wear colored discs for not eating pork!

Crescent International

Pig is a filthy animal. Muslims and observant Jews do not consume its meat. In the West, especially in Europe, pig meat is much cherished. It is their choice but a school in France forced Muslim and Jewish students to wear colored discs so that canteen staff would not serve them pork meat at lunchtime. It outraged parents and revived memories of the Nazis' practice of forcing Jews to wear the yellow star during WWII.

Paris, Crescent-online
Monday September 28, 2015, 09:49 DST

Reviving memories of forcing Jewish people to wear the yellow star in Nazi Germany, a French school made Muslim and Jewish students to wear colored discs around their necks.

The ostensible reason was that canteen staff would not serve them pork during lunchtime.

Staff at Piedalloues Primary School in Auxerre, Burgundy ordered students to wear red color discs if they did not eat pork and yellow discs if they did not eat meat at all.

Of the 1,500 students at school, only 18 were made to wear the discs but it caused outrage among parents and community leaders.

The town’s mayor has ordered a probe into the incident and passed on the responsibility for this outrageous act onto canteen staff.

He said the decision was made without the authorities’ knowledge and it has been withdrawn but tried to justify the act by saying the canteen staff were only trying to be careful so as not to serve pork to students that did not eat it.

If there are 18 students that did not eat pork, why was it not possible for these students to sit together in one area so that there would be no confusion?

“It’s revolting. It reminds you of the darkest times,” a local councillor, Malika Ounès was quoted as saying.

“Practices like this are not acceptable. No one has the right to impose this on children.”

Christian Sautier, director of communications in the mayor’s office said it was “an isolated, clumsy and unfortunate initiative” that lasted only one day.

France claims to be an egalitarian society proclaiming such values as “liberty” and “fraternity” but the establishment insists on imposing its values on others.

The French Far-Right Nationalist leaders in past have tried to force school canteens from serving non-pork meals to students.

Even former president Nicholas Sarkozy, son of Hungarian immigrants and himself of Jewish extraction, was also among centre-Right leaders to have opposed serving of pork-free options in schools.

State schools in France have banned headscarves and the French government imposed a ban on wearing the niqab in public in 2011.

So much for French freedom and respect for others, with the pork scandal the latest of its racist, Islamophobic acts.

Unfortunately it will not be the last.


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