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Mursi’s trial adjourned

Crescent International

The trial of deposed President Mohamed Mursi has been postponed until Monday February 24 by the Cairo Criminal Court. At his court appearance today, President Mursi urged his supporters to continue their “peaceful revolution.”

Cairo, Crescent-online
Saturday February 22, 2014, 12:04 EST

The military-backed regime continues with the persecution of deposed President Mohamed Mursi and his supporters through kangaroo trials.

When President Mursi—he still considers himself president because he is the only person democratically elected to this office throughout Egypt’s history—appeared in court today, he was again locked up in a metal cage. This is how Egypt treats elected presidents and others that are brought before courts that serve the interests of taghut.

The trial related to allegations that Mursi and his supporters had orchestrated a jailbreak at the time when the former dictator Hosni Mubarak was driven from power by a mass movement.

The Cairo Criminal Court adjourned the trial until Monday February 24 but not before Mursi had a chance to call on his supporters to continue their “peace revolution.” He declared: “The revolution of the people won’t stop” before he was led away by armed guards.

Two other developments the same day indicate how the military-backed regime—in essence the military itself since it is the real power in Egypt—operates.

While a court sentenced 31 pro-Mursi supporters to two-year jail terms for protesting in Tahrir Square last month, another court acquitted six policemen who were involved in the killings of 83 protesters in Alexandria during the 2011 uprising against the Mubarak dictatorship.

During the uprising against the former dictator, more than 850 peaceful protesters were shot and killed by the police but not one policeman or officer has been convicted of such crime.

This was followed last August by the slaughter of thousands of peaceful protesters in Al-Adawiya Square and in Giza after the July 3 military coup against President Mursi.

Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters have also been arrested and languishing in jails in order to prevent protests against the illegal military regime.


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