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Millions participate in Quds Day rallies worldwide

Crescent International

Observance of Quds Day has become a global phenomenon.

On Friday April 14, millions of people around the world joined rallies big and small held in different countries.

The largest rallies by far were held in the Islamic of Iran followed by such other places as Lebanon and Sana‘a in Yemen.

Some European countries have surrendered to zionist influence and have banned Quds Day rallies.

Germany is one of them. The country has a horrific record of persecuting the Jews.

It has now turned its wrath against the Palestinian people.

This, however, will not deter Palestinians or their supporters worldwide from holding rallies to draw attention to zionist crimes.

In Al-Quds itself, an estimated 250,000 Palestinians converged on Masjid al-Aqsa not only to offer Jumuah salat on the last Friday of Ramadan but also assert their right to Al-Quds.

The zionist occupiers have not only continued their oppression and killings of Palestinians but have intensified their attacks.

It has now become routine for the zionists to desecrate the Holy Sanctuary as soon as Ramadan begins.

The year 2023 has witnessed even more barbarism from the illegal occupiers of the holy land.

The regime is dominated by neo-Nazis who are even more barbaric than their criminal predecessors.

Pushy zionists barge onto the noble sanctuary and not only desecrate the sacred space but also indulge in beatings of Palestinian worshippers.

Palestinians have been tear-gassed and beaten-up inside the Qibli Moque, the first qibla of Muslims.

Hundreds of Palestinian youth have also been arrested and dragged, their hands bound tight with plastic bands to cause excruciating pain, to prisons.

The zionists get away with such criminal conduct because they have the backing of the collective west led by the US.

Most of the zionist alien intruders into the holy land have migrated from North America and Europe, east and west.

While the Palestinians continue to offer valiant resistance to zionist barbarism, the Quds Day rallies play an important role in highlighting zionist crimes.

Two other phenomena have also emerged in recent years: the Axis of Resistance, and implosion of the zionist entity.

The Resistance Front has started to inflict pain on the zionists that was hitherto not the case.

At the same time, the internal contradictions of the zionist entity have come to the fore exposing deep fissures among Israelis.

The level of internal discord is unprecedented and many leading Israeli figures have expressed deep concern about its very survival.

The sooner this racist entity is dismantled, the better for the region as well as the world at large.

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