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Mad dogs in the White House!

Crescent International

National Security adviser Michael Flynn

Washington DC
Saturday February 11, 2017

America has never been a safe place for sane people. How can it be when its claim to fame rests on its ability to kill the largest number of people worldwide (at least 4 million people since 2001) and incarcerated millions of its own people (2.3 million and counting)?

But with Donald Trump in the White House, lunacy has been taken to new heights. If one thought James Mattis, the Pentagon chief, was the only “mad dog”—a title conferred on him by friends as a compliment—in the administration, think again. Trump is even worse. And with the pack of hounds, pit bulls all of them, he has deployed in the White House and in other departments, it is not surprising that there is so much barking and biting going on simultaneously.In his inauguration speech, Trump had promised to let other nations decide their own destiny—echoes of George Bush’s inauguration speech of 2000—he and his team of mad dogs have gone totally wild.

On February 1, his national security adviser Michael Flynn appeared in the White House briefing room to issue a statement. It was actually a threat against Iran. Flynn characterized Iran’s policies as “destabilizing behavior across the Middle East,” including “a provocative ballistic missile launch” that was, in his opinion, done “in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 2231.”

The mad dogs don’t allow facts to stand in the way. Iran is not in violation of any Security Council resolution. Besides, it is US presence in the Middle East region and its support for terrorists and terrorist-sponsoring regimes—Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and Israel—that are responsible for all the instability in the region.

Trump went further saying: “everything was on the table” in confronting Iran. This is euphemism for military action. Americans are always threatening countries they do not like, or countries whose rulers refuse to surrender to US diktats.

“Iran is playing with fire,” Trump tweeted after Iran’s missile test of January 29. “They don’t appreciate how kind President Obama was to them. Not me!” Trump’s presidency has become rule by tweets. The man is a complete moron; he does not read—he cannot read. This has been confirmed on camera by several of his biographers.

Trump officials also accused Iran—completely falsely—of attacking a US ship near the Yemeni coast. Fact: it was not an American but Saudi frigate and it was not the Iranians that fired at it but Ansarallah fighters trying to ward off the Saudi war criminals. The barbarians from Najd have murdered tens of thousands of innocent Yemeni civilians and have put 22 million of Yemen’s 24 million people on the verge of starvation.

The US, Britain and a host of European countries are arming the Saudis and providing logistical support to carry out genocide in Yemen and perpetrate war crimes.

Coached by the likes of Michael Ledeen, a hardcore Zionist, Flynn has got all his facts totally messed up. But like his master, Trump, this does not cramp his style. He is so fond of making things up that when he was Director at the Department of Intelligence Agency (DIA), his staff referred to his statements as “Flynn facts”. And he threatened his staff to conform to his views or they were out.

Flynn says Islamic Iran is in league with al-Qaeda. And he insists this is true. What could be more idiotic than that?

With such mad men, including Mad dog James Mattis at the held of affairs, the world has become a decidedly less safer place.


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