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Israeli link to US embassy bombings?

Crescent International

Notwithstanding American allegations against Muslims, there are strong suspicions pointing towards Israeli involvement in the US embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. This is not as far-fetched as may appear at first.

The fundamental question that needs to be asked is: who benefits from such bombings? Certainly, not the Muslims. But let us look at the Israeli angle. For months, Israel has been pressing US president Bill Clinton to strike at Arab countries. Israel’s list is endless: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan etc. Any Arab/Muslim country would do as long as it keeps the Middle East pot boiling.

Since his election as prime minister of Israel in May 1996, Benjamin Netanyahu has furiously back-peddled on the Oslo Accords refusing to honour any clause. Yassir Arafat is left without even a figleaf to show for his surrender to the Zionists. Netanyahu’s bloodymindedness has irked even the most pro-Israeli government in Washington in US history.

In recent months, Clinton appeared quite upset with Netanyahu for his refusal to withdraw from the 13 percent of the West Bank land as required under Oslo. Then came the Lewinsky saga. Was this pure coincidence?

Lewinsky is Jewish; so is Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger, Martin Indyk and a host of others. Who in the Clinton administration is not? With Clinton caught with his pants down, there was an opportunity for the Israelis to provide him an exit route from the Lewinsky mess. Hence, the embassy bombings to enable him to strike at Muslims and divert attention from his personal problems.

So far, this is mere conjecture. But there is also some hard evidence.

Kenya is an important outpost for zionist activities in Africa. The Israeli Mossad is well represented there. Of late, the Israelis have been using US military planes to come in and out of Jomo Keneyatta airport at Nairobi to avoid arousing suspicion.

Kenya’s General Services Unit, responsible for airport security, have confirmed that American military planes are used by the Israelis. They come and go without going through the normal security or customs clearance. On July 31 and August 1, four US military planes were parked at Nairobi airport. How long have they been there?

The General Services Unit members told a visitor a few days before the embassy bombings that the Israeli moves were intended to strike at Sudan. They did not know when and what form the attack might take but they were quite certain about US/Israeli intentions and the zionists’ activities in and around the airport.

It is interesting to note that when the embassies were bombed, the Israelis were one of the first to arrive on the scene with their dogs. The star of David flag was coveniently wrapped around their bodies to show that Israel was there to help. Their most likely purpose was to obliterate all traces of their own criminal activity.

If the Israelis were responsible for the embassy bombings, it would not be a first for them. On June 8, 1967 (during Israel’s war against Egypt and Syria), Israeli warplanes had bombed the US intelligence ship Liberty in the Mediterranean for two hours, killing 34 sailors and wounding 171 others. The Israelis had used napalm, rockets, machine guns and torpedoes. The US embassy in Beirut had intercepted Israeli radio traffic in which an Israeli pilot had reported: ‘It’s an American ship.’ Despite this, the Israeli high command had ordered the bombing of the ship of a country whose support has been vital to Israel’s survival.

In 1954, the Israelis had bombed the American information centre in Cairo to prevent the normalisation of relations between Egypt and the US. And who has not heard of Jonathan Pollard, the US navy analyst who was caught in 1985 spying on the US and passing this information on to the Israelis. The former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was personally responsible for the Pollard affair.

Caspar Weinberger, who was US defence secretary at the time, expressed outrage that while America provided all kinds of help to the Israelis, they still felt the need to spy on America using American Jewry. The Israeli government has been pressing the US to allow Pollard to serve his time in an Israeli jail. Pollard’s wife is already in Israel, guest of the Zionist State.

Weinberger, and the Americans, might learn a great deal more about the crooked ways of the Israelis.

Muslimedia: September 1-15, 1998

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 13

Jumada' al-Ula' 10, 14191998-09-01

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