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Israel overplayed its hand and suffered a political setback

Crescent International

On July 25, the popular Arabic TV Channel, Al Mayadeen, reported that Israel sent a message to Hizbullah saying it had unintentionally killed one of the group's fighters in an air strike in Syria last week.

According to Al Mayadeen, the letter was delivered through the United Nations. Israel’s message to Hizbullah was that it was unaware that the group's fighters were in the targeted area in Syria.

Hizbullah confirmed receipt of the letter.

As reported by the Middle East Eye, according to Israel’s Channel 12 TV station, “the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered ministers not to publicly comment on tensions along the northern borders with Syria and Lebanon.”

The latest Israeli message is a significant signal of political and military weakness of the Zionist entity.

Accustomed to acting above the law and normative conduct of international relations, Israel’s not so secret letter to Hizbullah is a public relations triumph for the resistance axis. It shows that the Zionist entity knows well Hizbullah can retaliate and the takfiri militias in Syria are no longer a distraction for the resistance axis.

Even in January 2015, at the peak of the war in Syria, when Israel assassinated several Hizbullah fighters in Syria near the Golan Heights, Hizbullah retaliated by eliminating a Zionist patrol in the Shib‘a Farms (Israeli colonized Lebanese territory). The Zionists did not dare to respond. This clearly reflected the fact that they cannot sustain a direct war with Hizbullah anymore. It seems that this reality has now sunk in within the Zionist leadership.

In 2017 Crescent International outlined the framework of the cold war between the Zionist entity and Hizbullah. Since that analysis was published, the mode of confrontation between the Zionist regime and the resistance front led by Islamic Iran has evolved within the parameters, we had forecast.

The latest occurrence and Israel’s semi-official acknowledgment that it cannot afford to break the rules of engagement at the time and manner of its choosing is a serious political setback which will continue to manifesting itself on multiple levels.

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