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Islamic self-determination: external explosions and internal implosion

Abu Dharr

The imperialists and zionists have realized that Islam is the future so they created pseudo-Islamic groups to fight the committed Muslims.

News these days emanating from within the Muslim sphere is depressing in some aspects, saddening in other areas, and even demoralizing concerning certain events. As though it was not bad enough to have an external zionist war and death accelerator attempting to smash a population in the Holy Land, along with its sidekick and enabler the Washington regime spreading its military in the air with its drones, on the seas with its warships and on land with its boots on the ground from the Islamic sunrise in east Asia to the Islamic sunset in west Africa, we now have an internal force that is serving the same purpose: killing the Muslims. External enemies are trying to blast the will of the Islamic peoples from outside and internal enemies are trying to break the will of the Islamic peoples from inside.

External enemies are well known and need no further words to describe them. Unless of course you belong to the ruling classes in Arabian countries who have befriended the zionists and imperialists and antagonized the committed Muslims and the oppressed. It is the internal enemies who need to be unwrapped and deconstructed.

In the past year or so a bizarre and eccentric outfit burst onto the scene calling itself several names until it finally settled on “the Islamic State in ‘Iraq and Syria” [ISIS] or “the Islamic State in ‘Iraq and the Levant” [ISIL] – depending on how you translate the word “al-Sham” into English: Syria or Levant. In Arabic it is Al-Dawlah al-Islamiyah fi al-‘Iraq wa al-ShamDa‘ish is its Arabic acronym. Since the last issue of Crescent International was being prepared we have witnessed the installation of – believe it or not – a khalifah! This followed the abrupt and phenomenal acquisition of territories in mostly eastern Syria and western ‘Iraq. For those old enough to remember, this ISIS take-over of these relatively large areas is reminiscent of the Taliban who burst on the scene in Afghanistan a generation ago and out of no where became the de facto rulers in that war ravaged country. We care not about the cardboard character of this so-called khalifah but we certainly care about his so-called Emirate and how it fits into the larger picture in that whole geographical location. We can’t splice all the odds and ends of this ISIS creature but we will select what we think will express the role of this ISIS brute.

In the last ten days of Ramadan ISIS put to death – by stoning – a 26 year-old Syrian lady, a resident of a city in Syria called al-Tabaqah. News reports say that she was stoned to death on Thursday at 11 PM [19-20 of Ramadan] in the city’s main market place. This was attended, we are told, by many of the city’s resident. The execution was preceded by a public announcer who read a statement pertaining to the “evidence” of her crime. In it he said Ms. al-‘Abdullah was arrested after one of her neighborhood members reported her [to the ISIS authority]. He said stoning her to death was decided after she confessed several times [to the crime of adultery]. To carry out the execution ISIS brought in a truck load of stones and rocks. And then members of ISIS themselves carried out the execution.

Another source said that the woman was in her thirties and she received a verdict in a Shar‘i court that found her guilty of adultery.

News sources say that this execution caused disgust and revulsion among the general population in that area where ISIS has become the judicial authority. Many people feel like this type of punishment is inadmissible – the worst type of punishment imaginable. Swift death is much more acceptable. Sources say people are horrified and appalled at this type of execution. Since ISIS took over that part of Syria (al-Riqqah) in January of this year, it has been continuously signing off on cruel and unseemly penalty instructions. Once ISIS decides on a penalty or punishment there is no recourse and no appeal. ISIS has its Maktab al-Hisbah (Assessment or Judgment Department). This Department is tasked with targeting women who do not wear the niqab. They go out to public places looking for women who do not wear a full hijab or khimar. No consideration is given to the customs and conventions of a tribal social composition that would require a period of free education and voluntary transition. This Hisbah department makes its rounds to see to it that all shops are closed during Salat times. It imposes taxes but offers no services from the revenue it collects from the people. ISIS charges for phone services, water and electricity, and commercial properties. If someone doesn’t pay on time their utility services are terminated and in addition to that they are levied a penalty-charge. Homes that have been abandoned by their occupants because of fear of bombardment or abduction by any side in the Syrian civil war are repossessed by ISIS. Teenagers are forced into training camps – the biggest is known as camp Bin Laden – and indoctrinated into the ISIS mentality.

Within 24 hours another woman in northern Syria was stoned to death, again because of adultery charge. She was also stoned to death by members of ISIS, while the average civilian person refused to throw a stone.

When ISIS first appeared in the spring of 2013 the opposition types who were fed up with the ongoing and seemingly unending warmongering, welcomed ISIS thinking that it would rid them of the warring and the fighting. But it did not take long before these same opposition types got fed up with ISIS because they say ISIS members began abducting innocent people, killing and summarily executing these innocent people as well as known activists. ISIS proved to the average person to be brutal, dictatorial, and unduly belligerent. Its application of Islamic law was offensive to the mind and abhorrent to the soul. Many people discovered with certainty that ISIS has no feelings or soulfulness in it. ISIS a few months ago crucified – yes crucified – a youngster it falsely claimed had raped a woman to whom it turned out he owed money! Another man – four months ago – was also crucified in the area of Aleppo because he was accused by ISIS of murder! The real murderer later on showed up and confessed to his crime!

The atrocious and anti-Islamic behavior of ISIS in the name of Islam are encountered on the world wide web, in the mainstream and alternate media, from Islamic and non-Islamic sources, by friend and by foe.

The above was just one caption of the terror and horror visited by the self-proclaimed khilafah of ISIS. Its record is quickly becoming disreputable and notorious.

As if the external enemies of Islamic self-determination have realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that Islam is the future popular will of the populations in their artificial 60 odd nation states. These external enemies also realized that they had to fight fire with fire; i.e., fight (genuine) Islam with (pseudo) Islam. Abracadabra and we had ISIS. Saudi Arabia played its nation-state role and now it is of no all- important utility to the zionist and imperialist bosses. So they need a Saudi clone inside the worldwide Islamic movement for self-determination. And out of the remnants of the Saudi-Wahhabi infamy ISIS is born. In other words, ISIS is meant to be to the Islamic peoples what Saudi Arabia was meant to be to political elites.

We sincerely feel for the forlorn and the desperados who are being corralled into this ISIS political setup and psychological ambush.

Let us size up the cruel and inhumane actions of ISIS by the impeccable Qur’an and the verified Sunnah.

Before stating the ayats and hadiths we would like to say that punishment is part of Islamic law. But Islamic law and punishment are an extension of mercy and grace. People cannot be intimidated, humiliated, and then some of them executed without due process, a court of law, and first and foremost the popular Islamic will that eventually culminates after some time in a transparent and conscientious legal system.

The following are the ayats that ISIS has failed to honor, does not embody, and will not socialize:

And We have honored the descendants of Adam... al-Isra’, 70

We have indeed created human-social beings in the best cast... al-Tin, 4

Allah has rendered farm animals unto you: some you ride-on and some you use-up... Ghafir, 79

The following are the hadiths that ISIS is violating:

“Allah has ordained [near] perfection in everything [that is done]. So if you put an end to a life you do it with [near] perfection; and if you slaughter an animal you do it with [near] perfection by having your blade sharp and the animal relieved [of the pain].” Narrated by Muslim

“Do you want it [the slaughtered animal] to die multiple times? Would you have sharpened your blade before preparing it [the animal] for slaughter?” By al-Bayhaqi.

If Muslims are educated and cultured to be gentle and caring for animals, would that not apply to humans more than animals?

Where and how does “tawbah” figure into the neo-Saudi ISIS attitude?

Doesn’t Allah say:

Do they not know that Allah accepts repentance of His subjects? Al-Tawbah,104

And be guardedly conscious of Allah’s power presence; indeed Allah is oft-forgiving, very merciful. Al-Hujurat, 12

In the case of adultery-stone-executions or other serious moral infractions did ISIS present a court of shar‘i law with four witnesses as the ayat says:

And as for those of your women who become guilty of immoral conduct, call upon four from among you who have witnessed their guilt... al-Nisa’, 15

Another ayat takes this a step forward:

And as for those who accuse chaste women [of adultery], and then are unable to produce four witnesses [in support of their accusation], flog them with eighty stripes; and ever after refuse to accept from them any testimony – since it is they, they that are truly depraved! Al-Nur, 4

And then the words of Quran have this to say:

Why do they not [demand of the accusers that they] produce four witnesses to prove their allegation? – for, if they do not produce such witnesses, it is those [accusers] who, in the sight of Allah, are liars indeed! Al-Nur, 13

Sa‘d ibn ‘Ubadah asked the Prophet (P): What is your view or judgment if I find a man with my wife [in a compromising position]; do I give him a respite until I fetch four witnesses? The Prophet (P) answered: Yes. Malek in his al-Muwatta

Furthermore, the ayat that specifically deals with adultery says:

As for the adulteress and the adulterer flog each of them with a hundred lashes... Al-Nur, 2

The ayat tells us there cannot be an adulteress without an adulterer; where is the adulterer according to Saudi or ISIS arbitrary law? The women are being executed while the men are getting away with it! Witnesses, as required by the Qur’an, would be testifying to the act of adultery itself which would include both male and female? Where are the males?

Islamic laws do not an Islamic society make. How about bringing the public conscience into the Qur’an and Sunnah first as was done by the guiding Prophet (P)?

Doesn’t this obscurantist and imposed khalifah about whom we did not hear or see any bay‘ah along with his Saudi-like ISIS know that the honorable and distinguished Sahabi ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab suspended the legal punishment (al-hadd) for theft during the year of famine? Doesn’t this Saudi style khalifah know that ‘Umar cancelled the legal share of al-mu’allafah qulubuhum?

Doesn’t he and ISIS know that ‘Umar ordered a Christian to strike the son of “honorary parentage” (Ibn al-akramain) a Muslim – and did not tell the Christian you have to leave Islamic lands? ISIS has expelled the native Christians from al-Mosul – for the first time in its history the city will no longer have Christians living in it!

American jihad in Afghanistan gave us al-Qa‘idah and Taliban... American jihad in ‘Iraq is giving us ISIS and a slew of others... in Nigeria it is Boko Haram, etc... And there will be other copy-cats to follow if we don’t wake up to the fact that there is an Israeli Saudi Imperialist Strategy [ISIS] that intends to have the Muslim awakening poisoned by “Islam” itself. Out of this Saudi-centered effort comes the attitude of takfir – everyone who disagrees with them winds up being called a kafer!

All this would have been impossible had it not been for Wahhabi brainwashing and Saudi financing.

No, if he does not desist, We shall most surely drag him down upon his forehead – the lying, untenable forehead – and then let him summon [to his aid] the counsels of his own [spurious] wisdom.... al-‘Alaq, 15-17

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 43, No. 6

Shawwal 04, 14352014-08-01

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