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Fear the imperialists from the front, Saudis from the rear, and Zionists from all sides!

Abu Dharr

The dirty truth about the ‘return’ of the two Saudi islands—Tiran and Sanafir—from Zionist occupation via Egypt, with the permission of the Zionists! The Saudi cowards stand exposed.

Positively poignant! As the Crescent International brought up the issue of the Israeli occupation of two Saudi islands — Tiran and Sanafir — last month (April 2016), the Saudis managed to pay the Israeli price for repossessing what was originally theirs. Like the cowards they are, the Saudis could not liberate their occupied islands with military pride so they got them back with financial bribes. The whole issue has been smudged in the mainstream media by saying that Egypt returned these two islands to the Saudis. The unspoken fact of the matter is that Egypt served the role of an Israeli functionary that administered those islands after Israel occupied them in the war of June 1967 on terms agreed upon in the intense negotiations between a capitulating Egypt and a catapulting Israel as a result of the Camp David Accords.

Let us try to fill in the information void pertinent to this lining up of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Egypt. We will illuminate the dark and omitted aspects of the transfer of these islands from a Zionist-acquiescent Egypt to a Zionist-acquiescent Saudi Arabia.

For starters, the inflated Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confiscated other territories that do not belong to it. Those illegally seized territories are north, south, east, and west of the snatching Kingdom. Take Yemen as an example. The old hand British colonialists drew the borders of today’s Saudi Arabia and in so doing, they gave away Yemeni Najran, Yemeni ‘Asir, and Yemeni Jizan to their Saudi underlings. Initially, the Saudi-Yemeni Ta’if Agreement under British supervision stated that the Saudis would have a lease on the two cities of Najran and Jizan for a hundred years. But that agreement expired at the turn of the century. The unelected ex-president of Yemen gave over those two cities to the Saudis; and the Saudis gobbled them up in a “legal” manner post haste. Of course, the bribes and illegal payments made by illegitimate rulers in Saudi to illegitimate rulers in Yemen will probably remain state secrets and never become public knowledge. To sweeten the pot, the Saudis took in about a million Yemeni laborers. The Yemeni side of the bargain anticipated more Saudi economic relief that was not forthcoming and that set the stage for the rise of hostilities on both sides of the border.

The visit last month of King Salman (his name needs cosmetic vowel surgery: Sellman) to buy off official Egypt comes in a broader Zionist strategy implemented by the knuckle heads of Arabia to forge a core military alliance among the three nemeses of Islam: official Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Egypt is a poor country. It is going through economic hard times and needs $43 billion — just to make up for this year’s deficit alone. The Egyptian external national debt is wildly out of control. Unemployment is hovering around 33%. The Egyptian currency is falling rapidly. The instability in the Sinai Peninsula may fester and spread to other parts of Egypt. The country may lose its lifeline: the Nile River when Ethiopia completes building its dam on the pretext that it needs to generate electricity while the Israelis are in fact macro-managing this whole scenario. Within these Egyptian hard times, self-appointed King Salman made his “historic” visit and offered the illegitimate ruler of Egypt tens of billions of dollars for economic relief, in addition to $2 billion annually and a $5 billion 60-kilometer bridge to connect Saudi with Egypt. Now the Saudis will have two bridges: one to Egypt and the other to Bahrain where they can do their sexual prowling free of the Wahhabi method of selectively applying Shari‘ah. Who knows what else was offered and accepted during this royal state visit that lasted five full days.

And now we have protests about the “legality” of this island transfer coming from the information-impoverished Egyptians, who are not able to look at the Zionist/imperialist movers and shakers behind a crazy king and a frenzied pharaoh. This realigning of Israel, Arabia, and Egypt to confront Islamic self-determination is packaged and decorated as economic cooperation and steps toward inter-Arab consolidation. They say that trade will be enhanced, tens of thousands of unemployed will find jobs, and a future free trade zone on the Egyptian side (in Sinai) will be developed. The economic boom will help the 400,000 residents of Sinai and diffuse the tension there where young people are either joining Islamic radical activities or dealing and trading with contraband.

Now that we have explored the misrepresentation of the facts, let us use our brains and unmask their intents and purposes. It would appear — with all the setbacks and reversals of the Zionist cabal and the imperialist club — that the Saudis (true to their perfidious propensities) are in need of and want the two islands (Tiran and Sanafir) to serve as a logistical and strategic bridge between them and Israel. The mainstream media has the common person fixated on a physical/economic bridge between Saudi Arabia and Egypt while the elites have their think tanks fixated on a political/military passageway between Saudi Arabia and Israel. This Israeli-Saudi contiguous aisle will permit Israeli infantry to cross into Saudi Arabia without another country acting as a go-between or as a barrier. And why? Because there are those in the Zionist-imperialist nexus who are envisioning a confrontation with the forces of Islamic self-determination from Islamic Iran to anti-Israel Hizbullah in Lebanon, to Ansarullah freedom fighters in Yemen — and the Saudis are dead-center in the middle of all this. The facts on the ground that precede British colonialism have those two islands as an extension of the Hijaz, which was ruled prior to British intrusion by Banu Hashim during the Ottoman times. When King ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Bani Sa‘ud talked the British talk and walked the British walk, he annexed the Hijaz to his Najdi kingdom in 1926. That is when Sharif Husein, the ruler of Hijaz and another British flunky, fled to “Trans-Jordan.” And so Tiran and Sanafir became “Saudi” holdings.

After the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1948 and the Truce of Rhodes (1949) signed by the Zionist colonizers of Palestine on one side and (un)representatives of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon on the other side, Israel occupied the Egyptian port of Umm al-Rashrash in the Gulf of ‘Aqabah. The Zionists claimed that an ancient Jewish tribe by the name of Bani Aiylah used to live there. And so the Israelis named it Eilat. The Saudi king-in-appearance, British-in-essence, was afraid that Israel may turn their military toward Tiran and Sanafir to occupy them; so, being the coward that he was, he turned over the administration of the two islands to Egypt in 1950. Those two islands remained “Egyptian” until the Camp David Accords. Geographically speaking those two islands are closer to Saudi waters than they are to Egyptian waters.

Now that this whole issue has surfaced, why

doesn’t anyone tell the Saudis to return the Hijaz to its rightful owners, the Hashemites who fled to Jordan, Iraq, and Syria? Why doesn’t the puny Jordanian king seek a redress and extend his reign over the Hijaz? Or why doesn’t anyone tell the Israelis to return the port of Eilat (the Egyptian Umm al-Rashrash) to its rightful owners? Even the Arabic name “Umm al-Rashrash” is gone, and even the Arabic speaking Arabians call it by its Israeli name “Eilat.” Not that it would make much difference, but the answer should be obvious: the Arabian kings and rulers are religiously Zionist slaves.

Think for a moment if the Saudis were to become penniless and their Zionist and imperialist masters had no use for them anymore, you can see all the victims of its land grabs from Yemen, to Egypt, to Jordan, to the Emirates, to Qatar, to Kuwait to Bahrain all of them taking back the lands, islands, and oases that they think belong to them.

The Emirates say that the Oasis of al-Bareymi, and Haql al-Sheybah, and Sharit al-‘Adeed do not belong to Saudi Arabia, but to the United Arab(ian) Emirates. Kuwait has its claim over the “Neutral Zone” between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The Bahrainis say Haql al-Sa‘fah belongs to them, not to Saudi Arabia. And the Qataris claim that Makhfar al-Khafus is theirs.

At the bankruptcy rate the Saudis are peddling, the time is quickly approaching when the Saudi royals will have to relocate. The way the cookie is crumbling it is a very close call between who is going to flee for their lives first: the Zionist occupiers of the northerly Holy land or the sub-zionist occupiers of the southerly Holy Land!

Regrettably, our political memories are short. Before Anwar al-Sadat embarked on his “historic” visit to the Israeli Knesset and surrendered Egypt’s public and private parts to Israel, he and his clique set the stage for Camp David by using academia, the media, and the religious establishment to seed the public mind with the virtues and merits of normalizing relations with the Zionist killers in Jerusalem.

It is déjà vu all over again. The Saudi king is doing a “Sadat.” The Kingdom is setting the stage with a phalanx of commentators, educators, diplomats, and sheikhs-for-shekels who are trying to do an about face on the facts by saying that (Islamic) Iran is the enemy and (Zionist) Israel is an ally.

We rest our case.

...and He [Allah] bears witness that the munafiqs are indeed liars (63:1).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 3

Rajab 24, 14372016-05-01

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