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Islamic Relief Canada wins landmark case against scandalous allegations

Crescent International

For anti-Muslim bigots and racists, providing water and food to suffering humanity, especially if they are Muslims, constitutes terrorism!

Islamic Relief, one of Canada’s largest faith-based charities, accepted an out of court settlement over scandalous allegations made against it.

The accusers, among them several opportunistic Muslims, alleged that the charity was not only a “front” for terror groups but it funded them.

Such allegations could spell the death-knell of any charity involved in providing relief services to people suffering in different parts of the world.

Charities involved in helping the long-suffering Palestinian people face additional challenges as well as scrutiny.

Add to that the pro-Israeli lobby’s incessant campaign to tarnish anyone helping the Palestinians with the broad brush of anti-semitism.

This is augmented by the scandalous allegation that it is a front for “terror” groups.

Islamic Relief Canada’s case dates back to December 2018.

It was accused of being a front for Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement in Occupied Palestine.

Providing food and water to Palestinians, who are the victims of zionist barbarism, is considered “terrorism”.

Among the accusers were Thomas Quiggin—a former military officer turned self-described researcher.

He made false and malicious allegations about Islamic Relief during an interview with Joseph Hazelton.

These allegations were then posted on YouTube that garnered more than 10,000 views.

Another individual, Benjamin Dichter was also involved in such false allegations against Islamic Relief Canada.

Both Quiggin and Dichter were involved in the truckers’ convoy last year that paralyzed Ottawa.

The federal government had to invoke the Emergency Powers Act to deal with the disruptive tactics of the truckers’ convoy.

Among the so-called Muslims were such notorious characters as Tahir Aslam Gora, Raheel Raza, an anti-Muslim pro-zionist woman, and her husband Sohail Raza.

The three have a long history of spewing anti-Muslim venom.

They accuse any Muslim who adheres to his/her faith as “extremists” and “supporters” of terror.

These clowns, whether male or female, have no standing in the Muslim community but project themselves as its spokespersons.

Unfortunately, some segments of the media, driven by their anti-Muslim agenda, lap up such nonsense.

It feeds their anti-Muslim hatred.

Yet, in their allegations against Islamic Relief Canada, the accusers got caught.

Islamic Relief was and is involved in legitimate charitable work.

It could not allow such false allegations to go unchallenged.

The charity launched a case against them and sued the accusers for $2.5 million.

Islamic Relief argued that the individuals made “false, malicious and defamatory” statements aimed at harming the charity.

After four-and-a-half years of litigation, the accusers were forced to eat crow.

They admitted to lying and offered an out-of-court settlement which Islamic Relief accepted.

In their statement of clarification, the defendants acknowledged that their statements were “unfounded”.

They also admitted that “We did not exercise sufficient due diligence in researching, drafting and/or publishing the defamatory statements.”

What were the exact terms of the settlement have not been made public, but Usama Khan, CEO of Islamic Relief Canada, issued the following statement.

“This case illustrates the kind of misinformation that legitimate aid organizations too often face in carrying out their vital humanitarian missions.”

Charitable organizations, especially run by Muslims, are a constant target of vilifications and innuendos.

“The settlement reached by Islamic Relief Canada is a milestone in this fight,” said Khan.

“By holding those who spread misinformation accountable for their actions, we can send a clear message that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.”

Will the so-called Muslims who made the false allegations desist from their anti-Muslim crusade after this humiliation?

It is highly unlikely.

There are enough bigots and racists in Canada that they pander to.

These lowly creatures may hide in their crevices for a while but they will re-emerge to continue their anti-Islamic crusade because their survival depends on it.

Despite the fact that their godfather, Tarek Fatah is dead and gone, his body eaten by cancerous worms, these rodents from the sewers will continue with their anti-Islamic crusade.

For once, at least, they have been slapped and exposed for what they are: obnoxious creatures with no self-respect or dignity.

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