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Week In Review

Iran once again demonstrates its peaceful intentions

While the Islamic leadership of Iran has on numerous occasions announced that nuclear weapons are not part of its military doctrine and does not seek to develop them, Western regimes took a cynical view.

Since they only think in terms of acquiring power, they cannot think outside of their cynical worldview.

This past week, the Washington based al-monitor.com reported that “Iran has agreed to grant inspectors from the United Nations atomic watchdog access to two suspected nuclear sites, Tehran announced today [Aug 26], as Washington presses on with its bid to restore international sanctions. In a joint statement, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran said today that they had reached an agreement on dates for access and verification activities ‘after intensive bilateral consultations’.”

Western push for limiting Iran’s peaceful nuclear program is driven by blatant arrogance.

The most vocal Western regimes that call for regulating and monitoring Iran’s nuclear program, supposedly for world peace, are themselves armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.

Courtesy: www.al-monitor.com

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