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Guest Editorial

In trying to save Zionist Israel, the US gets stuck in the Iraq-Afghan quagmire

Abu Dharr

The Obama administration is off to a sluggish start in foreign policy. The strategic toxins that have been lodged in the organs and tissues of the American body politic throughout the previous decades of successive administrations are pathological and substantial. When it comes to dealing with the Islamic movement and State, American politics are downright malignant and cancerous. The free-radicals — those highly damaging elements or officials that often are caught in their act of serving Israel before the US — have been increasing in number from one election to the next. These cancerous agents support a single cause — Zionist Israel — unlike the careerist average American from Iowa or Kansas who goes into politics to serve his country, only to discover that the America he is serving is not America the people, but America the corporations and Wall Street. And America the corporations and Wall Street do not come and go as do occupants of the White House and the incumbents who are tagged to it every four years.

Now that the political dust has settled, we can observe the emerging political actors in Washington and Tel Aviv. And what is beginning to appear is an unusual line-up of characters between the liberals in Washington and the right-wingers in Tel Aviv. American policy towards the worldwide Islamic community is made easier when there are homo-politicos running the governments in both Washington and Tel Aviv; that is, when either right-wingers or left-leaning officials are in power in both capitals. But now we have an ostensible off-key “alignment” between the turn to the political right in Zionist Tel Aviv and a turn to the political left in imperialist Washington. This makes for a hetero-political relationship between the two strategically intimate allies. Whichever way you look at it this odd couple has had its quarrels and tantrums about Islamic self-determination, especially when it comes to the Islamic Republic of Iran. A serious contention surfaced in the past two years about “bombing Iran.” The Israeli machismo wanted to pull rank on its American effeminate, but the American mate engendered enough testosterone to have the Israeli dominatrix succumb to reason rather than emotion. As asinine as the Bush administration was, one thing that can be said about it is that it did not acquiesce to the Israeli Zionist fetish of bombing what they called Iranian nuclear facilities.

As you read these lines, we speculate that the manhood of the politicians in Tel Aviv and Washington is being tested. And as has been the case since 1948, with few exceptions, the Zionists will prove their androgen and the imperialists will prove their estrogen. Obama and his white slavers were indeed visionaries when they appointed Hillary Clinton to be the US Secretary of State.

The last thing the foreign policy of the United States of America needs is a political lady of pleasure. The information flowing in and out of the US State Department is: there is no military solution in Afghanistan, the three allied countries who have so far stayed the course with US imperialism in Afghanistan suffering immense losses are Canada, Britain, and the Netherlands and they want out before the end of 2011. The closest US ally in Afghanistan and elsewhere, the colonial mother of the US, the erstwhile Great Britain has its foreign secretary, a sterling Zionist, David Miliband say and urge his interlocutors in Washington to drop the term “war on terror,” which he explains is deceptive and misleading. NATO members such as France, Germany, Italy and Spainhave had it with Uncle Sam’s global policing activities. They are convinced that a “narco-state” such as Afghanistan is not worth the blood of their troops who are exporting democracy to the “middle ages.”

The US Department of State has enough information to convince it that it is impossible to constitute an Afghan government that can extend its authority from Tajik land to Pashtun land; the US in all these years has not been able to put together an Afghan national army or even a police force!

The State Department has reports on failing states in the Horn of Africa and client governments in Arabian countries that are feeling the tremors of popular volcanic explosions. All of these scenarios and much more in the Islamic realm can be traced to Zionist-induced American foreign policies, first and foremost among them America’s inability to come to terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The US and its hot and cold Republican and Democratic administrations in the course of the past 30 years have not been able to recognize the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Zionists have cheered and toasted this American policy at the expense of both the American and Muslim peoples. The Zionist-fueled American global interventionist policies are now setting the stage for a future American withdrawal from such places as Iraq and Afghanistan, not because there are some bright guys in the American establishment who figured this whole thing out; but because the US cannot take this nonsense any longer. The lesson has been long in the making and American official brains have been slow in the taking, but the post World War II years are proving that a self-styled superpower is a real power only when it can muster the courage to apologize for its political sins. The State Department has blood in its mind and the Pentagon has blood on its hands — from Hiroshima to Korea, and Vietnam toIran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. The White House has no blood in its veins when it declares wars for the false god of Zionand an idol called Israel.

The Roman Empire did not fall in one day, nor will the US empire fold in a day. But we have seen how it has been declining throughout the past 30 years. America’s strategic and fatal mistake was and still is its apelike relationship with Israel and its monstrous relationship with the Islamic world. No amount of weapons technology and weapons industry is going to liberate America from its slavery to Israel and its imperialism against the Islamic and other oppressed peoples. It is going to take persons of principles and integrity to remake America from within. Unfor-tunately and regrettably, this does not appear likely. Good people in America, like good people outside of America, are shunted or doomed by powerful institutions and lobbies.

The US government with all its departments combined is still unable to figure out how their blind support of Israel has reached the point of diminishing returns. The US went into Iraq to save Israel and now the US cannot leave Iraq to save itself! The biggest winner in the Iraq war is turning out to be the Islamic Republic of Iran. The influence that the Islamic Republic of Iran has in Iraqis so deep and profound that no one wants to talk about it. And the silence about this issue is boomeranging against the US. The current Iraqi government in its majority is composed of both Iraqi Iranians and Iranian Iraqis. In a nationalist and sectarian context this is a looming catastrophe waiting to happen. But with its Islamic content it shall be a blessing for the rest of the Muslims everywhere, along with the oppressed peoples of the world. The US military in Iraq is keeping an eye on the Iraqi military itself!

The Israelis know from their intelligence gathering operations that the way things are now and the way things have been unfolding in the past 30 years, they are living on borrowed time. The reconstitution of an Islamic anti-Zionist bloc is just beginning to surface. And this haunts these Israelis deep inside their Knesset cabal. Will these neurotic Netanyahus who are in political ascendency in Israel light the fuse of a larger war that will take down the regional “Middle Eastern” political system as we know it? Will these influential Israeli dual-loyalists who are physically in America but mentally in Tel Aviv hasten the collapse of their only non-rational and shortsighted ally?

The answer remains to be seen in the coming months and years — a future that will of a certainty transform Iraq and Afghanistanfrom American occupied territories to building blocks of a larger Ummah that began with an Islamic Republic.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 38, No. 1

Rabi' al-Awwal 04, 14302009-03-01

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