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Imam Abdul Alim Musa receives death threats

Crescent International

What are death threats being issued against Imam Abdul Alim Musa and why is the Oakland police siding with the saboteurs and agent provocateurs trying to disrupt the activities of Masjid al Islam? Imam Musa's grandson was shot and killed and his son was shot and critically wounded. Those targeting him are determined to silence him because he refuses to be cowed by terror tactics.

Oakland, CA,

Sunday October 11, 2015, 22:47 DST

Founder of Masjid al-Islam and one of the leading figures of the Islamic movement in North America, Imam Abdul Alim Musa has received death threats. While based in Washington DC, he has had to spend considerable time in Oakland, CA, because of sabotage of Masjid al-Islam property.

The death threats were issued this morning as Imam Musa was doing his early morning jog in the mountains in California. He was told: “We got Imam Jamil al-Amin [locked up for ever]; we took care of Imam Luqman Abdullah (he was assassinated in Detroit). You are next N… (using the derogatory term for African Americans).”

Imam Musa was planning to hold a meeting in Oakland later in the day but was forced to cancel it because of death threats. Reporting the matter to the police would not help because the police are involved in this war on Imam Musa and Masjid al Islam.

Muslims worldwide concerned about fairness and justice should reach out to Imam Musa and offer him moral and material support. He must not be abandoned.

Agent provocateurs working for the police and US intelligence agencies have been trying to disrupt his work. He is forced to spend considerable period of time in California as a consequence.

Every time he leaves California, the Masjid al Islam property is vandalized. Holes are made in the roof so that water would seep inside the building damaging it. Windows are smashed and other kind of sabotage is carried out.

His grandson was shot dead and one of his sons was shot and seriously wounded.

After such disruptive tactics and attacks failed to scare him or force him to surrender to the police, death threats are now being issued against him. These are very serious developments against a committed Muslims who has upheld Islamic principles in America for decades.

He is one of the few African American Muslim leaders that has refused to be cowed down by intimidation and threats. These have now escalated to the point where his life is being threatened.

Muslims worldwide concerned about fairness and justice should reach out to Imam Musa and offer him moral and material support. He must not be abandoned. Muslims must also not allow the police or its agents to frame him for elimination, God forbid.

The forces of dhulm and oppression that characterize US policy at home and abroad must not be allowed to silence another committed Muslim like Malcolm X in 1964.


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