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Ilham Aliyev is trying to outdo Qaddafi

Crescent International

It seems Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan is trying to outdo Qaddafi in all aspects of his despotic policies.


February 24, 2012, 12:05 EST

Western installed autocrat Colonel Muammar Qaddafi of Libya left a legacy as a political clown. It seems Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan is trying to outdo Qaddafi in all aspects of his despotic policies.

Drawing a parallel between Qaddafi and the Aliyev regime in terms of methodology of rule is not the only aspect in which to compare the two regimes. Qaddafi’s strange views on the Quran and his rejection of all hadith are well known to Muslims. In an attempt to create “soft-power” deterrence against committed Muslims, Qaddafi’s “scholars” for hire often attempted to present his personal pseudo-intellectualism as a valid Islamic perspective. The latest news from Azerbaijan Republic demonstrates that Aliyev is trying to copycat Qaddafi’s pseudo intellectualism in order to deter the rising popularity of the Islamic movement among the Azeri population.

On February 22, Azerbaijan’s rubberstamp “parliament” approved an amendment to the law on religions limiting sale of religious books and other educational materials. The new law states that religious materials can be sold only if they are specially marked to show they are allowed for sale in the country and limits their sale to specially designated stores. In reality this means that the secret police of the regime under the supervision of the US and Israel will vet religious material to ensure material suits Washington’s definition of “Islam.”

While trying to prevent the population from learning about Islam, the current regime instituted a department within Azerbaijan’s Academy of Sciences to study the life of the founding father of the current regime, Heydar Aliyev and called it “Aliyevshunasliq” – Aliyevology. What intellectual contribution of the former high ranking KGB informant the Academy of Sciences will research is a mystery to most Azeris.

During the reign of Heydar Aliyev, Azerbaijan lost 20% of its territory to Armenian occupation. Also during his rule, Azerbaijan was continuously ranked as one of the most corrupt states in the world and human rights abuses were widespread.

The Aliyevology stunt and the recent law attempting to create artificial obstacles to the ongoing process of Islamic revival in Azerbaijan is a sign that the current regime and its foreign backers are ideologically bankrupt.

The current regime in Azerbaijan attempted to create several soft-power antidotes to the process of Islamic revival that is gaining momentum in Azerbaijan. The regime tried Pan-Turkism from 1995 to 2000, “dovletcilik” – statehood from 2003 to 2008, the policy of balancing from 2008 to 2012 and now Aliyevology. It would not be surprising that after the failure of Aliyevology, the regime will attempt to promote the ancient religion of the Turkic people, Shamanism as a tool to counter Islam.


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