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Letters To The Editor

Hamas’ overdue course correction

Ahmed Abdel Kadir

The Islamic resistance movement Hamas in Palestine has made a welcome course correction and realized that Arabian rulers are not sincere in helping them; only Islamic Iran is.

Two years ago, the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement, Hamas fell into the Saudi trap. Unfortunately, Hamas leadership failed to realize that the Saudis are not reliable. If the Najdis cannot be faithful to their own people, why would they care about the Palestinians?

With the election Yahya Sinwar as Hamas leader in Gaza, there is a course correction. Sinwar has been through the anvil of fire and resistance and his personal lifestyle of simplicity would serve the movement well. It has also come closer to Islamic Iran, its natural ally and friend in the resistance. Hamas leadership should ensure it does not repeat such mistakes. Their noble cause demands no less.

Ahmed Abdel Kadir
San Jose, CA, US

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 2

Rajab 04, 14382017-04-01

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