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Letters To The Editor

What future for Hamas’ struggle

Samih Abu Zekri

Islamic resistance movements operate under very difficult circumstances not only because of their enemies who are ruthless, but also because of their so-called friends. Last month you touched on Hamas’ dilemma and the friends it keeps (“Hamas’ dilemma: resistance or surrender” — Crescent International, February 2016).

Often, their friends are much more dangerous than their enemies because while they are on guard against enemies, they lower it for friends who often stab them in the back. It should be clear that all regimes pursue their own agendas, often at the expense of resistance movements. This has never been more evident than in the case of Hamas. Is the Hamas leadership unaware that regimes like those in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar cannot be their friends? Relying on them is not only unwise it is outright dangerous. A resistance movement cannot expect any good from the likes of these regimes that have been exposed as the enemies of Islam.

All three regimes work closely with the Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine. Does the Hamas leadership believe that it can convince these regimes to change their policies to suit the interests of the Palestinian people? Is it realistic? The Hamas leadership must do some seriously thinking and reflection; otherwise they will face the same fate as the Palestinian Authority.

Samih Abu Zekri
Boulder, CO, US

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 1

Jumada' al-Ula' 21, 14372016-03-01

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