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From ICC to ICJ and back to ‘International Legality’

Crescent International

Salam, Sahib. At your service!

Amid the ongoing zionist genocide, fast-paced developments are taking place in colonized Palestine.

We previously probed South Africa’s referral of Israel to the ICC in order to determine whether justice will be delivered.

We must probe the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and whether these steps are headed backwards in an attempt to give “international legality” and the Palestinian Authority (PA) a lifeline?

The ICJ has no jurisdiction to try individuals accused of war crimes or crimes against humanity. It is not a criminal court, it does not have a prosecutor able to initiate proceedings.

It also relies entirely on the cooperation of member-state authorities to apprehend suspects, as it does not have a police force of its own. It cannot try individuals in absentia, and defendants are only subject to ICJ warrants when they are in a member-state territory.

The ICJ has no enforcement mechanism for its judgments.

The Palestinians have what is called the Palestinian Authority (PA) that has faith in what Yasir Arafat used to call “international legality.”

How many times have the Palestinians gone to the UN and other international organisations and forums—the Arab League, the Organisation of African Unity, the European Union and what used to be the Eastern Bloc?

What were the results? Nil!

Still some people refuse to learn.

It is therefore necessary to revisit this recent history.

Firstly, there are questions about Arafat, (who brought a secular crowd to sign an agreement that contradicts the Qur’an and the Sunnah).

On his mother’s side his lineage is Muslim because his mother’s grandfather was the Mufti of Jerusalem.

On his father’s side no-one is sure!

The best information given by those close to Arafat is that his father was an immigrant from Morocco who settled in the Yahudi quarters of Cairo.

There’s a big Yahudi community, (if not the biggest, outside Israel), in Morocco.

Why would a Moroccan of unknown ancestry travel over a thousand miles to settle in the Yahudi section of a city?

Researching the origin of Arafat on his father’s side, one will probably not find any information because only those who knew him personally knew about his ancestry.

And one of the closest lieutenants to Arafat said “his father’s side is a Yahudi side.”

With this back-drop let us review the major developments on Arafat’s watch:

In the early 1950s when the Islamic Movement was a vital force on campus and after a stint on the Islamic campuses in Cairo, he became an engineer in Kuwait.

In the early 1960s, the British Embassy in Kuwait coached him and his comrades to set-up what became the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

They were trained and taught what diplomacy is. After the defeat of 1967 they were catapulted into leading an authoritarian role among the Palestinians.

In the aftermath of the defeat of 1967 war there were a few sincere Muslims at the decision-making level in the PLO.

When the popularity of fighting the zionists showed symptoms of getting out of control, the evil Soviet empire told Arafat "get rid of these rowdy elements" (referring to the few sincere Muslims at the decision-making level of the PLO) and he immediately executed those orders from his masters.

In 1989, as Muslim and Palestinian blood was flowing, Arafat (the supposed representative of the Palestinians) said he “represents the Palestinians and he annuls the PLO covenant” because “the Palestinians are no longer convinced that Israel should cease to exist.” Palestine is central and close to all the Muslims in the world.

It is not a nationalist issue. This is an Islamic issue first and last.

Few of us remember that there were mock elections in 1996 in colonized Palestine—the West Bank and Ghazzah.

What was the term for the head of the PA?

Was Arafat elected as the Chairman or President of the Palestinian people for life?

Ask any Palestinian, “did you elect Arafat as President for life?”

The answer is “absolutely not!”

Yet when he was alive, he behaved like a monarch or king in the tradition of other political absurdities?

Recall, Arafat was meeting Ehud Barak in the late 1990s/2000s.

Barak went to Beirut in the 1970s disguised as a woman wearing a dress, in the middle of the night and personally supervised the shooting to death/assassination of three of the closest people to Arafat and left.

In the years to follow, Barak and other zionist military officers engineered the assassination of three others: one in Europe, one in Tunisia and another in colonized Palestine.

These three were also the closest people to Arafat.

These events occurred to clear the way for Arafat to implement the conspiracy from Camp David and try to reach an agreement with the zionist genocidalists.

Arafat and his secular crowd spared no efforts in killing their own if it served the higher purposes of zionist Israel.

In the year 2000, there was an attempt to carry out Camp David Two.

As Arafat and his crowd were trying to enlist in the political program to get to the White House and different departments of government seeking justice, Hizbullah—the Islamic Resistance didn’t go to the White House and the UN.

The PLO was on its knees, begging the UN, the US and the Europeans.

The begging led them to Camp David.

Arafat went to the US with Barak, then Prime Minister of Israel, when Bill Clinton was in his final year as president of the US.

They had meetings in Wye River and Camp David but nothing was accomplished!

In the same year, Israel was defeated militarily for the first time.

It had occupied Lebanon from 1982 until 2000. In May 2000, they packed and left not because they wanted to or because there was an agreement.

It was because they were militarily defeated by a rising Islamic Resistance in South Lebanon. Our way to freedom, dignity, liberty and self-determination will never come through the diplomatic or legal institutions of the colonialists.

Let us review the Egyptian regime and its sponsorship of the PA.

Every time Arafat wanted to embark on a particular policy in the West Bank and Ghazzah he would go to Cairo and consult with the Egyptian president or government.

They micro-managed the PA on behalf of the Americans and Israelis.

Where did that get them?

Actually, it caused them to lose the moral high ground and have virtually no ground on this issue!

Juxtapose that with the Islamic leadership in Iran and its relationship with the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon.

How did they deal with this threat?

Did the leader of Hizbullah shuttle around the region and the world asking for understanding of the Palestinian issue?

They identified this area of pronounced belligerency and warfare by the zionists against the people of Southern Lebanon.

They consolidated their rank and file; identified and designated the enemy and countered zionist aggression with force.

What happened?

For the first time since 1948 the Israelis were defeated in Southern Lebanon and retreated from territories they wanted to hold on to.

When Arafat delivered a speech to the Muslims in the Holy Land, he said, in effect, “Muslims have been undoing the Oslo process and he wants all of us—Palestinians and non-Palestinians—back in that process and in that regard there is no room for Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah and whoever represents what they say.”

He wanted the Muslims back to begging the Israelis for concessions!

He became senile and unable to learn from his prostrations to the zionists!

His sponsors would not let him go to Qatar to attend an emergency session at the Organisation of Islamic Conference.

Ariel Sharon told him bluntly “do your job in Ghazzah and the West Bank first and then we’ll permit you to go elsewhere! But if you don’t do your job, you stay right where you are!”

At one time Arafat was upset because he wasn’t invited to the White House.

The zionist prime minister in the so-called peace process had been there at least twice to meet the new regime officials (that many Muslims claim “they had the privilege of bringing into the White House because of their vote”).

Yahud published a full-page newspaper ad stating that the US wanted to give the PA and Arafat $400 million to act as their guards.

In the ad, the Yahud said “they have 40 million American Christians who share their opinion and thoughts.”

Yet the Muslims never had the courage to come out with the fact that the US has given tens of billions of dollars to the zionists in colonized Palestine.

Have you ever seen Arafat who became a sentry and a security guard for the Israelis bring out the facts of what the zionists are doing to the Muslim and the Christian world?

That’s how ineffective these Muslims’ lobbying is in which they think “the ultimate victory comes from the UN and from courts on earth; to them ultimate victory doesn’t come from Allah.”

Arafat once kissed the hand of Leah Rabin, the wife of the zionist who gave the order during the first intifadah “to break Palestinian bones and bury them alive.”

Are we going to return to this state of affairs, via the backdoor of “international legality” after it takes its course through a judicial organ of the UN that was initially responsible for the creation of zionist Israel as per Resolution 181?

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