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France: Murders people in Burkina Faso, but “works for peace” in Ukraine!

Crescent International

As the corporate media continues to flood the airwaves with the supposed imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, France, a country supposedly working to build peace in Europe, murdered 40 people in Burkina Faso on February 13.

Western media outlets labeled them simply as “fighters”.

This was neither questioned or thoroughly investigated to verify whether the French claim was true.

For proponents of the NATO-centric world order reading this analysis, it might seem as if France’s aggressive role in Africa is being used as justification for Russian conduct in Ukraine.

Not at all.

But the difference in the volume of information and the tone of how the Western corporate media is covering Russian military maneuvers inside Russia’s own territory and the casual mention of French attack in Burkina Faso is obvious.

Germany’s Deutsche Welle went on to sanitize French intervention in Africa by posting the statement of the French army describing how it “neutralized” 40 people.

The same report stated that the group of people killed in Burkina Faso were the ones “believed to be” responsible for an earlier attack in Benin.

The term “believed to be” accurately captures the situation when issues pertaining to violence used by NATO regimes arise.

Their decision about who is to be murdered is enough to justify intervention in any part of the world.

No major news organization questioned as to what gives France, a state with a horrific track record of massacres and support for despots in Africa, the right to continue meddling in the continent’s affairs.

When Western regimes murder people in the developing world, their labeling of people as “terrorists” should never be taken at face value.

Such claims should be thoroughly investigated.

France’s statements on Ukraine, with its visible mass scale military intervention in the Sahel region, manifests a typical tactic from a hypocrisy playbook of NATO regimes.

The normalization of violence perpetrated by Western regimes is a multidimensional industry.

From movies, TV series to newspapers, violence perpetrated by Western regimes is regularly sanitized and legitimized.

This fact is so obvious that even mainstream media outlets occasionally mention it, to maintain a veneer of objectivity.

At a superficial level, it may seem that NATO regimes possess significant influence to be able to get away with their global meddling and whitewash it.

Such conduct, however, is precisely what fuels people’s resentment towards the oppressive policies of Western regimes.

The world is now entering the stage of a multipolar global order.

France’s hypocritical conduct in Africa and over Ukraine will continue to push people in West Asia, and Africa generally to move away from the NATO regimes.

This development will help further reconfigure the West- centric global order and reinforce multipolarity as the more desirable option for conducting international affairs.

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