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Fascists and Zionists raise their ugly heads in Canada

Crescent International

When Donald Trump became the US president decimating Washington’s soft-power appeal, Canada’s global image was greatly boosted.

Ottawa became the role-model of what a secular-liberal regime should look like.

However, just like other secular-liberal regimes and societies, Canada is also experiencing a social and intellectual crisis.

One such manifestation is the rise of fascist forces and their semi-intellectual narratives.

During the past week, fascist trends, so far ignored, reared their ugly heads in Canada.

On July 6, Corey Hurren, an active member of the Canadian armed forces, armed to the teeth, attacked the residence of Canada’s prime minister.

While Hurren’s actions amount to terrorism, the way these were soft peddled by the corporate media is quite disturbing.

Had Hurren been a Muslim, every mosque or social institution he attended would be scrutinized and labeled as promoting terrorism.

There would be screaming newspaper headlines for weeks.

TV talking heads would be competing with ever darker narratives of how ‘Moozlems’ pose a threat to Canada’s liberal democracy.

But Hurren is part of the white-privilege class.

He and his ilk can never be associated with terrorism. That label is reserved exclusively for Muslims.

According to vice.com, “a GoFundMe fundraiser was set up for Hurren’s family by a member of a local radio station shortly after it came to light that the Manitoba man was arrested. While the GoFundMe says that the money is for Hurren’s family and isn’t an endorsement of his actions, some are donating in support of the man nevertheless.”

Hurren was not the only fascist that made headlines in Canada recently.

Members of the right-wing Jewish Defence League, a pro-Zionist outfit, vandalized the front of Foodbenders, a Toronto restaurant.

The restaurant’s ‘crime’ was to hang pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist signs.

JDL is classified as "a right-wing terrorist group" by the FBI since 2001.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated it a hate group.

JDL thugs have been involved in many violent crimes against Palestinians and their supporters.

In 2018, a Palestinian professor was assaulted outside the AIPAC convention in Washington DC. The police arrested two JDL members that were from Toronto.

While JDL carries almost zero societal and political weight, it is the reaction of profiteering organizations like DoorDash and Uber Eats that is worrying.

Under pressure from another rabidly pro-Israel outfit, the two organizations canceled their services to Foodbenders.

As the pro-Zionist crowd went on labeling Foodbenders’ owner Kimberly Hawkins as an “anti-Semite”, a slander used by Zionists against people opposing the occupation of Palestine, the restaurant’s owner made it very clear what she stands against.

She stated that “Palestinians should be free and have the same equal human rights as everyone and that’s not a stance I will apologize for.”

Unfortunately, Muslims and friends of the Palestinians have been slow to mobilize in defence of Ms. Hawkins to confront Zionist fascists.

Canadian politicians from all levels of government that are quick to denounce any racist slurs directed against the Jewish people—and rightly so—have been deafeningly silent in condemning Zionist racism against supporters of Palestinian rights.

While Zionists regularly hurl ‘anti-Semitic’ allegations at critics of Zionism, Israel is one of the most anti-Semitic regimes in the world.

In January 2019, it was reported that “Mizrahi Jewish academics and activists demanded that Israel’s High Court strike down the Jewish Nation-State Law, saying it erases their cultural legacy and perpetuates injustices against both them and Palestinian citizens of Israel.”

Ethiopian Jews in Israel are mistreated openly based on their race and skin color.

According to the BBC, “in the 1990s the Israeli national blood bank had routinely destroyed blood donated by Ethiopian Israelis for fear of HIV”.

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