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Book Review

Exposing the Fraud of UFOs for Mind Control

John Andrew Morrow

Upton, Charles. The Alien Disclosure Deception: The Metaphysics of Social Engineering. Philmont, NY: Sophia Perennis, 2021. ISBN: 978-1-59731-184-7 (Pbk)

A protégé of the Beat Generation, Charles Upton, who was born in San Francisco, California, in 1948, rose to critical acclaim as a poet. Although he forms part of the American literary canon, and students and critics study his poetic works throughout the world, his greatest legacy is his eloquent prose. Over the past few decades, and after embracing Islam, he has established himself as a pre-eminent Sufi Muslim metaphysician, philosopher, social critic, and traditional peacemaker, inspiring and guiding the Covenants Initiative, a shining beacon of sacred activism.

Prolific and profound, Upton is the author of two dozen books, including Doorkeeper of the Heart, which shares the works of Rabi‘ah al-‘Adawiyyah, the seminal Sufi poet, with the Western world; Legends of the End, which examines prophecies of the Apocalypse; Knowings, which explores metaphysics, cosmology, and the spiritual path; as well as The Science of the Greater Jihad, which addresses principial psychology.

The erudite and articulate Upton has also brought us The Virtues of the Prophet: A Young Muslim’s Guide to the Greater Jihad; Who is the Earth? How to See God in the Natural World; as well as Reflections on Tasawwuf, a survey of Sufi themes. He has also authored Day and Night on the Sufi Path, described by some critics as the best treatise on Sufism in the English language, as well as Dugin against Dugin, a skilled deconstruction of the damaging and dangerous ideology of Aleksandr Dugin, the Russian philosopher, political analyst, and strategist.

Among Upton’s most insightful works one must include The System of Antichrist: Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism and the New Age, Cracks in the Wall: UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics, Vectors of Counter-Initiation: The Course and Destiny of Inverted Spirituality, and most important of all The Alien Disclosure Deception: The Metaphysics of Social Engineering, which draws from these prior works and expands upon them considerably. Although Upton’s books are limited in distribution, their impact far outweighs their sales. A teacher of teachers, an educator of educators and an intellectual’s intellectual, Upton’s writings are acquired, dissected, discussed, and debated by the leading literati of our times. His books are found in the private collections of the intelligentsia.

The Alien Disclosure Deception, the subject of this book review, attempts to answer two questions: 1) What explains the volte-face of the US government regarding the existence of UFOs, and 2) What exactly are they? As Upton reveals in his elegantly and intelligently authored 244-page book, this supposed “disclosure” forms part of a long-term social engineering project which dates to the end of World War II. As for what UFOs exactly are, Upton finds the answer in the Islamic tradition; they are Jinn: psycho-physical entities that have been reported throughout history. The goal of the social engineers, elucidates Upton, is “to shift the paradigm in the Western world from Democracy and Christianity to Technocracy and Transhumanism.” His conclusions are not predicated on fantasy, imagination, and speculation. They are grounded in extensive evidence. They draw upon “history, individual and social psychology, traditional metaphysics and eschatology, the physical sciences, and the phenomenology of the paranormal.”

As a Sufi Muslim, as a believer, and as a human being, Charles Upton is driven by a sense of duty: “I believe those of us who still hope to preserve elements of our freedom and human dignity in these extremely dark times need to become at least as well-informed on these matters as our implacable adversaries” (5). As Upton warns, all human beings should urgently familiarize themselves with the agenda of the global ruling classes and the actions of their hired “experts” who advance their sinister plans.

To assist us, he explains “the nature of UFOs as a primary phenomenon on the basis of traditional metaphysics, eschatology, and demonology” (6). He traces “the development of the UFO myth as a contemporary belief system, whether it takes the form of a set of quasi-scientific speculations or a pseudo-religion or both” (2). Finally, he “uncovers some of the history of the various human deception activities that have grown up around it” while considering their “nature, methods, and possible goals” (6).

“Whether UFOs are hoaxes, misunderstood natural phenomena, artefacts of unknown human technology, examples of extraterrestrial technology, or occult manifestations,” writes Upton, “there are clear indications that the phenomenon is being used as a basis for one or more social engineering agendas” (8). As far as Upton is concerned, “there is compelling evidence that apparitions of UFOs and their ‘alien’ occupants are paranormal events” (8). Instead of “extraterrestrials” or “aliens,” the beings in question are members of the Jinn: interterrestrial creatures who inhabit the seventh plane in the Great Chain of Being (31).

They were known to the ancients as ghouls, demons, fairies, fallen angels, spirits, and gods (90). Although the Jinn are not all evil, according to Islam, the ones “who are staging the present UFO manifestations,” including the most horrific of abductions and abuse, which are patent cases of possession, “almost certainly are demons” (40). They are rebellious Jinn, messengers of deception, masters of mind control, and the friends of Satan, who desire to be deified and worshipped (232). Consequently, the UFO phenomenon is a cult of counter-initiation that leads away from God, the Creator (57-60).

The Alien Disclosure Deception by Charles Upton draws people closer to God and reminds them that they are God’s Image and Vicegerents. It provides protection against the demonic deceivers who seek to supplant the Divine and place themselves on a pedestal as “gods” and “creators” of humanity through lies, terror, and acts of awe. They seek to impress the naïve and gullible with their feats of science, which are fleeting and evanescent, seeking to replace divinely revealed monotheistic religions with a fraudulent and self-serving “religion” and theology of their own. They promise to share their technology, such as genetic engineering, to eliminate disease (225). They promise to solve our environmental crisis (225). They claim that they are here to advance human evolution and consciousness (225). They present themselves as Saviors and Messiahs with solutions to all our problems, so long as we believe in science, and believe in them, as our makers and masters. Rather than be mesmerized by these manipulators, we should see them as they really are. “That we are expected to worship… or place our hopes [in these aliens],” warns Upton, these “walking corpses, blanched, naked and skeletal, lacking genitals, with bloated and enormous jet-black eyes, is outrageous and insulting.”

Jealous that God created humans in His Image, and made us guardians of the Earth, and convinced of their so-called superiority as creatures of smokeless fire over us, the creatures of clay, the Jinn seek to draw us away from God to other planets and transform us into trans-humans—part-human, part-computer—to make a mockery of God’s Archetype. However, as Upton warns: “Our proper home is earth, our proper form is human; Surah an-Nass, the last surah of the Qur’an warns us against the temptation to jettison the human form by following the suggestions of ‘the sneaking whisperer, who whispers in the hearts of Mankind, of the Jinn and of Mankind’” (224). So let us take refuge in Allah from Satan the Rejected. And let us study this penetrating work by one of the most brilliant American Muslim authors of our time.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 11

Jumada' al-Ula' 28, 14432022-01-01

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