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Enabling genocide in Palestine eliminates western influence globally

Crescent International

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Western regimes are trying to retain their geopolitical relevance by backing apartheid Israel’s genocidal war in occupied Palestine.

In the process, they have completely eroded whatever little global influence they had left.

As the primary vehicle of contemporary western neo-colonialism in West Asia, Israel took political, military, and information missteps which have cornered its western “democratic” enablers into a catch-22 situation.

If the US and its surrogates continue to blindly follow Israel in its unwinnable genocidal war, they will reach a point where they will have to engage in a broader regional conflict with severe consequences.

This outcome can deliver, at best, a pyrrhic victory to already decaying western political, military, and economic systems.

On the other hand, if Israel’s western enablers choose to distance themselves from its genocidal policies, West Asia’s regional socio-political forces will push to expel western regimes from the region.

These forces will not be confined to Islamic Iran or its allies only.

While it is now evident that the Resistance Axis led by Islamic Iran is determined to degrade western presence in West Asia, it is the lackeys of western imperialism that are likely to unintentionally deliver deadly political blows to the US and its European surrogates.

When US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Cairo last month, he was lectured like a school boy by the Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi about the situation in Gaza and the wider region.

The dictator who is indebted to Washington for being in power, did not hold back. Why?

Like the Saudi and other regional dictatorial regimes, Sisi also understands that the US is an empire in decline.

It is regional socio-political players that now determine the region’s political weather.

Why might they think this way?

The events of October 7 which were a response to decades-long zionist apartheid in Palestine, showed once again that we now live in a world where others chart the political and geopolitical destinies in West Asia.

Israel and its western enablers had no say in how the recent cycle of Palestine’s liberation process began, neither will they have a say how it ends.

Illegitimate and autocratic allies of western imperialism in Amman, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Cairo understand clearly that towing America’s outdated policy in the region is turning the Arab and Muslim streets against them.

This factor on its own would not be so alarming for west’s regional lackeys.

The bigger problem is that it is turning the Arab street toward the Resistance Axis.

Even Qatari regime’s media outlet Al Jazeera took a note of this factor when analyzing Hizbullah’s role in the ongoing process of Palestine’s liberation.

“Everything that happened in Syria was forgotten in just a few days [after the war in Gaza started] wrote Al Jazeera, quoting Mohannad Hage Ali, from Carnegie Middle East Center.

Most of America’s autocratic allies understand that the days when the US could install or remove someone from power are gone.

The west’s inability to topple the Syrian government, its humiliation by the Taliban in Afghanistan and its failure to reduce Islamic Iran’s regional influence, makes this fact quite clear to anyone paying attention to developments in West Asia.

To save their regimes, which will receive no mercy if people rise-up in an Islamic Awakening (Arab Spring) fashion 2.0, these despotic rulers will not be playing ball with the US and Israel as before.

This was quite clear even before the recent events in Palestine.

The above-described general regional framework is already having very concrete ramifications in military, political and economic terms.

These will only accelerate as the Resistance Axis continues along with its escalation ladder strategy.

China and Russia will use the regional dynamic to further weaken western regimes since their friction has acquired a global and strategic character.

As recently noted by a prominent statistician and philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb in relation to mass popular support being received by Palestine worldwide – “the world is a different place... Bureaucracies have not adapted yet.”

The only thing missing from Taleb’s statement is that western bureaucracies/regimes will not be able to adapt.

They missed their chance and will continue to decline.

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