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Documentting Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Crescent International

The zionist regime continues to perpetrate war crimes murdering civilians with US-supplied weapons and destroying Gaza's fragile infrastructure. Houses, schools, hospitals and centers for the disabled have all been attacked and destroyed. The latest institutions bombed and destroyed were Al-Shafi Mosque and the Gaza Islamic University. Gaza's only power plant has also been destroyed.

Gaza City, Crescent-online
Saturday August 02, 2014, 20:47 DST

Since the Zionist regime launched its genocidal war on the tiny Gaza Strip on July 8, it has murdered thousands of innocent civilians. Raining death and destruction from the air, sea and land, the Palestinian casualty figures speak eloquently for the barbarous nature of Zionism.

Here are some figures up to August 2.

  • No of Palestinians murdered: 1,712
  • Civilians murdered: 1,369
  • No of children murdered: 296
  • No of houses destroyed: 9,260
  • No of Mosques bombed: 110
  • No. of Mosques destroyed: 60
  • No of Hospital/clinics bombed: 24
  • No. of Hospitals/clinics destroyed: 10
  • No of Schools bombed/destroyed: 136

Other Zionist crimes in Gaza:

  • Gaza Islamic University: Destroyed
  • UN Compounds attacked: 10
  • Gaza Power Plant: Destroyed
  • Ambulances attacked: 25
  • Medical workers killed: 3
  • UN aid workers killed: 8

The Zionist regime claims it is “defending” itself. Western rulers are fully behind such Zionist attacks and are complicit in war crimes.

Israeli casualty figures:

  • No of Israeli soldiers killed: 64
  • No of Israeli civilians killed: 3
  • (One of them was a Korean!)

The Islamic resistance group Hamas claims it has killed 150 Israeli soldiers so far.

The Zionist regime’s murderous assault on Gaza continues, as do protests worldwide against such barbarism including in many parts of Europe and North America. There have even been protests in Tel Aviv against the continued bombardment although Israeli police immediately clamped down on such protests and arrested the organizers and protesters.

Israel is obviously the ‘only democracy’ in the Middle East!

(Based on figures released by Gaza’s Ministry of Health and UNRWA).


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